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Bridging the lab and the real world. When you’re designing equipment for analytical testing in the lab, your customers don’t have the time or resources to deal with extra variables like fluid spills or safety concerns. They need easy to use equipment—with a small footprint—that will increase their throughput. That’s why engineers count on CPC to deliver quick connects and disconnects in a variety of materials to improve the safety and simplicity of handling reagents and buffer solutions. They make equipment installation and service faster—allowing lab technicians the flexibility and efficiency to create ideal testing conditions—while preventing misprocessing through integrated technologies like RFID functionality.
Fluidics Design Solutions

CPC’s fluidics design experience plus an extensive line of standard products ensure you’ll find the ideal connector solutions for your equipment needs. The right tubing and bottle connection choices can prevent leakage, speed testing throughput and enhance the user experience with your equipment. Here are just a few of CPC’s products that make fluidics designs work smarter and harder.

Non-spill connectors eliminate spills, prevent air inclusion into closed systems and enhance operator safety.
Quick connects improve the serviceability of equipment to maximize machine up-time.
High quality fittings provide leak-free tubing connections, available in a variety of materials for chemical compatibility.
Multi-tube connectors simplify fluidic designs by enabling multiple fluid lines to be connected with a single connection.
Color-coded couplings help prevent misconnections.
Panel mount quick connects provide an attractive, easy-to-use interface.
Straight thread connectors can be threaded directly into acrylic manifolds or standard laboratory caps.

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Bottle Caps and Consumables

CPC offers standard products and engineered solutions that will interface with your laboratory bottles to add ease, efficiency and safety. The result is an improved user experience.

• CPC bottle caps are compatible with GL45 threads found on glass or plastic lab-wear.
Panel mounted products can be added to standard bottle caps to provide an easy way to safely exchange consumable products.
Puncture seal closures can be used to dispense virtually any liquid from flexible packages including 38mm “bag-in-box” container systems.

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Advanced System Solutions

Move your IVD equipment designs to new levels of performance and simplicity with smart fluid handling from CPC. We offer unique connection capabilities in both our innovative standard products and custom solutions developed through direct dialogue between engineers.

Intelligent connections: RFID-enabled intelligent connection systems prevent misprocessing and ensure proper reagents are being used. CPC’s IdentiQuik® product line offers unique identification technology that enhances system solutions.
Custom solutions:Tap into our engineers’ expertise for an application-specific custom design solution. Together, we can bring your IVD designs to life.

RFID enabled connectors Custom solutions


Bottle Caps include a quick disconnect coupling or FitQuik® connector integrated into a cap designed for 45GL bottles. Learn More

FitQuik Connectors &

Precision molded fittings and connectors for leak-free connections. Learn More


Allows designers to confidently specify a single connector for both fluids and electronics. Learn More


Chrome-plated brass couplings built tough and made to last in the most demanding applications. Learn More


The smallest plastic non-spill coupling on the market has non-spill shutoff valves that ensure drip-free disconnects. Learn More


An easy, twist-to-connect coupling with an integrated locking mechanism and double-sided non-spill shutoff valves. Learn More


1/4" flow coupling offers the widest selection of sizes and configurations. Learn More


Offered with a variety of configurations and chemical resistance for demanding applications; gamma sterilizable. Learn More


1/8" flow and used in a wide variety of general purpose applications. Learn More


Polypropylene PMC12 couplings have greater chemical resistance and are gamma sterilizable. Learn More


Clean and safe liquid dispensing from bag-in-box (BIB) or other types of flexible packaging. Learn More


Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to six separate fluid lines. Learn More


SMC couplings offer great value in a small plastic connector. Learn More


Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to ten separate fluid lines. Learn More


Features a high efficiency valve design that provides a greater flow capability than any other coupling its size. Learn More

Hybrid (Mini)

Provides a compact, single connection point for both air couplings and electrical lines. Learn More


Flow comparable to many 1/2" flow couplings in a 3/8" body size. Learn More


RFID technology helps to control, protect and streamline your valuable fluid. Learn More