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CPC's Plan of Action for COVID-19

As a manufacturer of essential components for customers worldwide — including products used in the fight against COVID-19 — CPC has taken numerous steps to keep our operations running at optimum capacity and quality, confirm that our sources of supply are stable, and ensure that our employees and their families are considered and cared for.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of employees and suppliers, our manufacturing and deliveries continue largely as normal. At present, we are not experiencing significant lengthening of lead times or supply interruptions.

As communities and supply chains around the world continue to adapt to the effects of COVID-19, CPC is committed to its plan of action for keeping our products flowing to customers. Our COVID-19 plan has three pillars:

We're a critical-sector business

CPC connectors and couplings are integral to a diverse array of industrial and life sciences products and processes, including production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, manufacture of ventilators and respirators, even construction of hospital bed and therapeutic support surfaces. Given how central those products are to COVID-19 treatment and, eventually, prevention, CPC is confident we have the standing and documentation to qualify as an “essential” or “critical sector” business under U.S. federal and Minnesota state government definitions. 

We are in synch with suppliers

We work closely with suppliers to recognize the essential role they play in CPC's ability to perform and deliver as a critical-sector business. We're in ongoing dialogue regarding their operations, inventories and delivery schedules. They are as committed as we are to responsive production to meet ramping-up needs.

We're taking care of our people

Whether they're reporting to our manufacturing facilities or working remotely from their homes, committed CPC employees are on the job.

To help keep them safe and minimize their exposure, we've restricted business travel and put in place heightened operating protocols to safeguard employees continuing to work on site. Those measures include shifting practices to reinforce social distancing wherever possible, providing additional hand sanitizer locations throughout our facilities, targeting training for all employees on COVID-19 prevention practices, and significantly increasing the frequency and intensity of “deep cleaning” our facilities.

We're also offering financial assistance to help qualifying employees afford alternative childcare in the face of mandated school closures. And we're encouraging and supporting employees who need to stay home from work due to the crisis (for example, if they need to self-quarantine due to concern about exposure or illness, or have underlying health conditions that put them at heightened risk).

Connections in the time of COVID-19

As we go about our daily work, designing and creating solutions that enable customers' processes and products around the globe, CPC's vision is to, “Inspire confidence at every point of connection.”

During this extraordinary time, we encourage you to keep your physical connections with others to a minimum — per the latest guidance from public health leaders — while doing what you can to keep strong your personal connections with colleagues, neighbors and loved ones.

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