DrumQuik® PRO Quick Connect Coupler System for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing

Features Benefits
Closed system design

Secure locking ring design

Durable construction

Filtered venting options

ISO 22241 compatible materials 
Minimizes spills, fumes and potential for DEF contamination

Makes connections fast and simple

Withstands thousands of connections

Maintains product integrity and cleanliness

Safe for use with DEF

DEF Dispensing

Colder Products DQPRO DEFThe Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that manufacturers of diesel-engine powered vehicles reduce NOx emission levels by 2010. Many manufacturers have turned to Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) as a method for achieving the mandated targets and urea-based DEF is the key ingredient of this process. In preparation for the deadline, gas station and truck stop operators will install delivery stations for the dispensing of DEF.

Ideal for safe and efficient delivery of DEF from bulk transfer containers, the DrumQuik PRO system is comprised of two components: a polypropylene coupler and a polyethylene drum insert assembly. The drum insert assembly contains a bung closure and dip-tube and can be shipped as part of a drum or IBC package, providing a cost-efficient alternative to open and semi-open dispensing systems. The coupler features a built-in vent port, which allows the connection of a filter to prevent DEF contamination.

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