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Connections for Liquid Cooling


Protect your valuable electronics with the unmatched design, quality and reliability of CPC quick disconnect couplings. CPC’s quick disconnect couplings for liquid cooling applications provide ultra-reliable, drip-free connections and disconnections. New from CPC: Designed specifically for liquid cooling applications, new LQ4 and LQ6 dripless quick disconnect couplings are the first of their kind with patent-pending liquid cooling valve technology. Available in warm red or cool blue, multiple configurations and custom solutions.

CPC, the leader in connection technology, has been delivering quick disconnect couplings for liquid cooling of electronics for over 20 years. Built on a foundation of over 35 years of experience in solving fluid handling challenges in broad industries worldwide, CPC’s connectivity solutions are the preferred choice of engineers worldwide Applications for CPCs liquid cooling connections include PCs, supercomputers, data centers, chillers, medical equipment, and many others that require quality and performance for critical fluid handling solutions. Our dripless quick disconnect couplings feature automatic non-spill shutoff valves and integral terminations for safety, ease-of-use and reliability. CPC offers multiple options for materials, configurations, sizes and valves and custom solutions to meet unique needs.

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Liquid Cooling Connections Benefits

CPC's couplings are designed with a variety of features that provide safe and secure connections for protecting critical fluid applications:
  • Automatic non-spill shutoff valves help keep electronics safe by eliminating drips
  • Integral terminations result in fewer potential leak points, shorter assemblies and faster installations
  • Thousands of choices in configurations, materials, sizes and valve options
  • Custom solutions available for specific application needs

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