4 Steps in Selecting Fluid Connectors for Medical Devices and Equipment

Designing a fluid handling system that avoids leaks, puddles and misconnections

Connectors for medical devices and equipment

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It makes little sense to have designed an incredible medical device only to discover that the primary user interface to your application – the connector – was just an afterthought. Our 4 Steps Guide can help ensure the overall success of the fluid handling system of your medical equipment design.

Download our guide and learn:

  • Why it’s important to consider the safety of the patients and health care professionals who’ll be using the connectors
  • How defining the application’s flow requirements, media effects and temperature/pressure, etc., determines the tubing and connector parameters
  • How enhanced connector functions can facilitate and control the flow of fluid
//cpcworldwide.com/Portals/0/Library/Resources/Literature/WhitePapers/Documents/WhitePaper-critical%20steps%20in%20selecting%20fluid%20connectors.pdf WhitePaper-critical steps in selecting fluid connectors

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//cpcworldwide.com/Portals/0/Library/Resources/Literature/WhitePapers/Documents/WhitePaper-critical%20steps%20in%20selecting%20fluid%20connectors.pdf MDO-4-steps-in-selecting-fluid-connectors

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