Microbrewers can unwind with a beer as CPC couplings do the work

Making fast and easy connections and disconnections makes the job easier

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Connectors with quick disconnect capabilities are becoming the couplings of choice for the exploding microbrewery industry. Specifically, microbrewers are choosing CPC’s HFC polypropylene connectors over traditional metal couplings. These compact, lightweight couplings withstand temperatures up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and boast quick disconnects, which add convenience and prevents leaks.

What are the benefits of using CPC connectors in microbrewing?

  • Automatic shutoff valves prevent CO2 or beer from leaking
  • Thumb-latches are easy to grip and simple to operate
  • Efficient valve design leads to a high flow rate
  • HFC polypropylene connectors take up less room and cost less than bulkier metal couplings
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