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    High Purity Connectors – CQN/CQV/CQH/CQG Series

    CPC’s fluid handling products are unmatched for high purity and high flow applications. Our high purity connectors have all plastic construction and broad chemical compatibility to meet customers’ unique chemical requirements. Manufactured in our Class 7 cleanroom, they’re ideal for use in critical wet processes and the most demanding environments.

    Clean Room Clean Room

    The CPC high purity connectors combine the best in design and materials using molded, virgin materials and a lubricant-free design. Semiconductor, bioprocessing and similar industries often require CPC’s rugged quick disconnect couplings made from high purity materials to transfer aggressive chemicals.

    Call on CPC’s experienced team to help you choose just the right high purity products to meet your customers’ requirements.


    • Options offering no risk of metal contamination
    • High flow valve design in a compact package
    • Disconnects under pressure to speed servicing and reduce risk of injury
    • Made of polypropylene and PVDF for broad chemical compatibility

    The CQG Series feature our patented pressure-balanced, non-spill design. Molded virgin polypropylene and a 100% metal-free flow path provide extensive chemical resistance and exceptionally high flow capacity, allowing instant disconnects (and reconnects), even under pressure.


    With a metal-free flow path, Viton® seals and other high purity features, we make your chemical handling cleaner, faster, safer and smarter.

    Dual Containment Flare Nuts

    The ChemQuik Dual Containment System easily “double contains” critical chemical lines, protecting plant and personnel in case a primary process line ruptures or sweats. The system provides a protective secondary line to catch any fluid and routes it to a safe location. The ChemQuik system is compatible with any CQ Series with fine thread flare terminations or a common flare style fitting. For more information on the ChemQuik Dual Containment Flare Nuts, see pg. 141 on the CPC catalog.

    ChemQuik nut

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