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    Who Benefits from the CPC
    Hybrid Series
    Issue Solution
    Design Engineers
    Project Managers,
    Development Teams
    Design engineers must specify, test and validate dozens of individual components when determining how to connect multiple lines to devices. CPC Hybrid Series reduce engineering development time by providing a completely integrated fluid and electrical connector — one product to specify, test and validate.
    Supply Chain Staff
    Production Planners
    The manufacturer must purchase and inventory a variety of individual components. With the CPC Hybrid Series, there is one product to purchase and inventory in production, saving time and company resources.
    End Customers
    Because connectors are a primary user interface to a device, multiple connection interfaces often give equipment poor marks with end users because they’re confusing and time-consuming. CPC Hybrid Connectors create a higher user perception of the end device by eliminating user confusion with one stress-free connection which leads to increased device loyalty with the customer.
    Patients Misconnections are easy to make which may be potentially dangerous to patients and equipment. Eliminating misconnections with one integrated connection point, the CPC Hybrid Connectors protect equipment and patients.


    • Faster development time
    • More efficient use of development resources
    • Eliminate misconnections
    • Improve user experience with the end device
    • Make the front panel of a device visually cleaner
    Hybrid benefits


    • Aesthetic therapy devices: cosmetic laser devices for laser hair removal, photofacial skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, etc. This type of equipment usually requires an aesthetician to use a handheld device with a liquid loop to cool the handheld, electrical lines for power and potentially video lines. The CPC Hybrid Connector enables an integrated connection making it easier for the user to change handhelds depending on the type of procedure and improves the overall design of the equipment.
    • IVD: flow cytometry equipment, routinely used in the diagnosis of health disorders especially blood cancers, uses large volumes of reagents and requires secure connections to ensure proper reagent delivery and waste collection. A CPC Hybrid Connector on the end of an umbilical line enables a single connection to the cytometer for monitoring fluid levels and transferring sheath or waste fluid. The CPC Hybrid coupling provides a quick and easy way to replace consumable fluids while at the same time eliminating exposure to potential biohazardous spills on waste containers.
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