Aseptic Connections Steam-Thru AseptiQuik

Single-Use Technologies: Aseptic Connections for Sterile Media Transfer

The benefits of single-use systems can be found throughout biopharmaceutical manufacturing, but whether in an upstream or downstream process, sterility assurance is critical. Innovative connection technology from Colder allows manufacturers to quickly and easily make aseptic connections between single-use bag systems, tube sets and/or stainless process equipment.

Steam-Thru Technologies allow a quick and easy sterile connection between biopharmaceutical processing equipment and disposable bag and tube assemblies. Media can be safely transferred without the cleaning and validation concerns associated with reusable components.

Steam-Thru from Colder Products Company

AseptiQuik Connectors  enable sterile media transfer between tube sets and bag assemblies, even in non-sterile environments. The connector’s robust design provides reliable performance without the need for clamps, fixtures or tube welders and can be connected without the use of a laminar flow hood.

AseptiQuik Sterile Bioprocessing Connectors from Colder Products Company.

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