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    Biopharma, Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy Webinars

    phrase says Scale for the Future

    Scale for the Future

    As cell and gene therapy companies work to deliver life-changing results to as many people as possible, questions about scale loom large. Our distinguished speaker, Eoin Dolan, will review the topics ahead. View Now

    Big Solutions Come in Small Packages: Expanding Sterile Connection Technology to Small-Format Product or Process Fluid Volume Transfer Applications

    In state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical manufacturing, you’re challenged to engineer and operate processes that are robust, reliable and repeatable. Building on the inventiveness of CPC and its AseptiQuik® Series Connectors, the leader in single-use connection technology, the company’s new MicroCNX® Series Connectors provide a modern alternative to the tube welding process. View Now

    Panel Discussion: Challenges of Cell and Gene Therapies

    Single-use connection technologies are expected to play a critical role in commercial manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. Join us for an industry panel discussion on the current challenges facing the development of cell and gene therapy technologies, and a discussion of ideas to inspire the future. View Now

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