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    Webinar Studies for Liquid Cooling Connections

    Answered! Your Liquid Cooling Questions

    CPC has assembled a team of industry-leading engineers to answer commonly received liquid cooling questions. Hear their replies and learn best practices as these experts provide tips for mechanical engineers designing liquid cooling of electronics systems from everything from power rectifiers to server blades.

    Rigor in Evaluation of Components for Liquid Cooling

    Thermal LIVE Summit, now a bi-annual virtual event, is organized by Electronics Cooling for thermal engineers. Event registrants can attend live and interact with presenters, posing their thermal management questions to engineers from various cooling system component manufacturers or watch session recordings at their convenience post-event.

    10 Tips for Specifying QDs -- And Why Liquid Cooling Connections Are So Critical

    It’s well known that poorly designed thermal management systems can result in suboptimal performance or system failure. What isn’t as well understood are the material properties and myriad calculations that all need to be taken into consideration when developing a high-performing liquid cooling system -- or the role that quick disconnects play in supporting reliability, uptime, ease of maintenance and system performance. It’s complicated but it doesn’t need to be confusing.

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