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    Liquid Cooling for EV Charging

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    Higher power makes faster charging possible, but it also generates significant heat. The heat load for DCFC and XFC load requires advanced cooling techniques to promote safe and reliable operation. Extreme fast chargers, for example, can push battery pack temperatures to 270ºC/514ºF after just a few minutes of charging. Ultimately, liquid cooling is required for EV fast charging.

    Quick disconnects (QDs) or dry break quick release couplings are a critical component of these liquid cooling thermal management systems in EV applications. Quick disconnects enable proper flow, pressure, and temperature for effective EV charging operations. This white paper describes the types of EV Charging systems, why liquid cooling is necessary and provides information for consideration when specifying non-spill quick disconnect couplings for liquid cooling EV charging systems, power conversion, charging bays and EV charging stations, battery swapping systems, EV charging cables, and onboard vehicle entertainment systems.

    Download white paper

    Liquid Cooled EV Charging Systems Utilize Quick Disconnects in Three Areas

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