Which is right for you: aseptic connectors or sterile tube welding?

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When bioprocessing industry professionals were asked in a recent survey whether they preferred aseptic connectors or sterile tube welding, the results were almost split down the middle with 52 percent choosing aseptic connectors and 48 percent preferring sterile tube welding. Who’s right? Well, when properly applied, both methods can create reliable connections. But there are distinct differences when it comes to ease of use, reliability and cost efficiencies.

Some key factors to consider when comparing sterile tube welding and aseptic connectors


Maintenance Requirements

Welders must be in good working order

Welder manufacturers require regular preventative maintenance of equipment

Need backup welder during maintenance or out of service episodes

Single-use disposable connectors ready to use

No maintenance required

Staff Training

Welders require operator training to ensure proper technique, minimize errors and safely use the equipment

Largely connect-and-go, self-contained components; minimal operator training required

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