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Get faster, easier and safer fluid connections from CPC.

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When a single drop of fluid makes the difference, CPC’s fluid handling products help get the job done safely and easily. Matter of fact, CPC’s MPC, MPX and Steam-Thru® Connectors are industry standards for aseptic and bioprocessing manufacturing. Check out how AseptiQuik® sterile connectors for single use systems (SUS) simplify process integration, improve production yields and decrease time to market for bioprocessing and cell and gene therapy manufacturers.

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Liquid Cooling

CPC’s thermal management experts understand the complexities of liquid cooling performance and system environments. Find out how Everis® liquid cooling connectors are used wherever hot electronics need effective cooling to help improve operating efficiency and system reliability.

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General Purpose

When fluid needs to be moved or contained, CPC connectors, couplings and fittings facilitate and control the flow. See how CPC’s vast product portfolio helps manufacturers around the world with efficient and safe low-pressure fluid handling in a wide variety of applications.

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Whether your application calls for non-valved or non-spill, low flow or high flow, reusable or single use, learn how CPC’s broad range of couplings, small-bore connectors, fittings, and luers help make medical devices, equipment and instruments cleaner, faster and, most important, safer.

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