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    Quick Disconnects for Medical Electronics

    Get Ready for the Future

    With increased demands for technical innovation to produce better diagnostics tools that improve patient outcomes, next generation medical electronics continue to become smaller, faster, more precise and more reliable. A direct result of these technical enhancements is the larger emphasis placed on thermal management by medical electronics designers. In fact, the medical equipment cooling market, which includes compressors, chillers and other cooling systems, is projected to reach USD 232.9 million by 2024 from USD 193.1 million in 2019, at a CAGR of 3.8% from 2019 to 2024.

    Removing Heat from Medical Electronics

    The more power used by medical electronics ─ including CT, MRI, linear accelerators, medical laser technology and cryotherapy equipment ─ the greater the heat it generates. Coupled with continued system miniaturization, the heat has a smaller space to dissipate. To remove this heat, medical electronics designers need highly efficient and compact liquid cooling systems. Used in facilities such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, laboratories, these liquid cooled medical electronics must meet strict design requirements for noise, reliability, uptime and ease of use ─ including keeping coolant hoses out of the way of technicians.

    Keeping Medical Electronics Running for Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment

    With medical electronics system manufacturers’ objectives of providing precise, timely diagnosis and treatment, CPC’s liquid cooling engineers are intimately familiar with how liquid cooling systems for medical electronics help prevent overheating and facilitate elimination of expensive repairs and downtime. Our team, including materials scientists, design engineers and applications engineers, exclusively focuses on liquid cooling couplings, resulting in a robust portfolio of CPC Everis® quick disconnects expressly for liquid cooling of hot electronics such as medical electronic systems.

    Using Quick Disconnect Couplings in Medical Electronics Liquid Cooling Systems

    CPC Everis quick disconnect couplings are a key component in liquid cooling systems for medical electronics. Our quick disconnect couplings are precision engineered to address the challenges – from ease of use, high-flow reliability to a broad range of configurations ─ faced by the liquid cooling systems used to keep medical electronics running. Allowing coolant to efficiently chill coolers, compressors, umbilicals and other components within your medical electronics system, Everis’ application-specific design, robust testing and strict manufacturing practices increase performance, fit with smaller footprints and reduce repairs and system downtime.

    How to choose Liquid Cooling Quick Disconnects

    • Long-term use
    • High-flow reliability
    • Simple-to-use thumb latch design
    • Purpose built
    • Broad portfolio
    • Engineered by liquid cooling experts
    • Extensive experience in engineering products used in medical industry
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