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    IdentiQuik® Connectors and Couplings

    Realize additional operational and safety benefits with CPC’s innovative IdentiQuik RFID technology. IdentiQuik Connectors automatically exchange product data to help prevent misconnections or to validate process steps. Use IdentiQuik Connectors to verify machine cycle counts, improve quality control and automatically calibrate dispensing equipment for the fluid being dispensed. A patented design embeds RFID-based electronic intelligence into a variety of our most popular and industry-leading coupling configurations 

    CPC Intelligent IdentiQuik Connectors Play Many Valuable Roles

    In medical or analytical laboratories and other chemical handling applications, CPC IdentiQuik connectors keep track of device usage to anticipate preventative maintenance as well as alerting users when consumable fluids need to be replaced. CPC RFID-enabled couplings help protect brand integrity by ensuring the use of OEM supplied reagents and media. 

    IdentiQuik Connectors Prevent Connection Errors in Multiple Port Systems

    Help ensure that each fluid line is connected to the correct port, preventing misprocessing of tests and potential damage to the equipment with IdentiQuik. Before a physical connection is made, the RFID reader, which is integrated into the CPC IdentiQuik connector, reads the tag and tells the control unit what is being connected to the instrument port. If a misconnection is attempted, the control unit can display an error message, trigger an alarm, or shut down the equipment until the error is corrected.  

    Provide Correct Operational Settings with IdentiQuik Connectors

    Once the identification data on the tag, which is integrated with the CPC IdentiQuik Connector, has been read, the control unit automatically sets parameters such as pressure, flow rate, and operating time to match the requirements for the media that has been connected. Operational control settings reduce the risk of human error in setting operating variables which prevents harm to the equipment and helps eliminate tests being invalidated.  

    Enforce Required Limits on Fluid Chemical Usage with CPC IdentiQuik Connectors

    The controller tells the wireless IdentiQuik Connector to write to the tag on the consumable product each time the product is used. If it is a limited use consumable, the controller keeps track of the usage and will not allow a test to be processed once the threshold is reached. This prevents testing from being performed with media that is potentially outdated. 

    IdentiQuik Validates Connected Media

    CPC’s intelligent IdentiQuik quick disconnect couplings alert manufacturers and service providers that OEM-supplied consumable products are being used on the equipment, device or test instrument. The reader in the CPC smart connector reads the identification data on the consumable package and verifies that inferior or incorrect media is not being connected. This prevents potential damage to the instrument and provides brand protection for proprietary reagent solutions.  

    Monitor Consumption of Media with Smart IdentiQuik

    RFID-enabled IdentiQuik Connectors from CPC can monitor the amount of media used in a fluid dispensing application. The amount of media required for each use is specified in the control settings of the device. Each container contains an RFID tag that is programmed with the initial volume of media. As the media is consumed the controller writes to the consumable product tag and deducts the amount of media used for each connected line. When a container is close to empty, the control unit will alert the operator that additional media is required before the next use can be started. 

    Connect with Our Smart RFID Fluid Handling Team

    Most importantly, CPC engineers and application specialists are available to collaborate with customers and chemical dispensing packaging manufacturers to answer questions or help design smart chemical dispensing systems using IdentiQuik RFID technology integrated with CPC’s industry-leading connector products. 

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