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Everis BLQ2

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The Everis™ BLQ2 quick disconnect couplings provide ultra -reliable dripless connections and disconnections that protect valuable electronics. Designed specifically for rack-mounted liquid cooling applications, the Everis BLQ2 Series use patent pending valve technology that eliminates drips and is able to withstand long-term connection. 

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Features Benefits
Non-spill design Disconnect under pressure
Redundant sealing when connected Extra protection from contaminents and debris
Friction-free valve Valving system designed for extended periods in the connected state
Ruggedness Able to withstand long-term, repeated use
Axial engagement tolerance Valves designed to allow full flow even when not fully engaged

Specifications & CV Value

Operating Conditions (Fluid Transfer)

Pressure: Vacuum to 200 psi, 13.8 bar
Temperature: 0°F to 240°F (-17°C to 115°C)
Maximum Flow at Disconnect: 1.00 gal/min at 0-100 psi; 0.25 gal/min at 101-200 psi


Main housing components: Chrome-plated brass
Valves: Polysulfone
Valve spring (wetted): Stainless steel
Seals: EPDM


Color: Chrome
Thread Sizes: 1/4" SAE-4
Lubricants: Krytox® PFPE
Spillage: <0.015 cc per disconnect rated at 0 psi
<0.063 cc per disconnect rated at 200 psi
Inclusion: <0.063 cc per connect

Cv Value

Cv ~ 0.37 max
Cv values are based on gpm and psi, and Ipm and bar (shown in parentheses).
WARNING: Pressure, temperature, chemicals and operating environment can affect the performance of couplings. It is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of Colder products in their own application conditions.

Validation Reports

Extractables Reports




1/8" Flow Everis BLQ2 with 1/4" SAE thread, Valved In-Line Liquid Cooling Coupling Body



1/8" Flow Everis BLQ2 with 1/4" SAE thread, Valved In-Line Liquid Cooling Coupling Insert

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