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    Edge Computing and 5G Power Liquid Cooling Connectors

    Performing at the Edge

    Edge computing is becoming one of the network strategies of IT departments at many corporations and businesses. The reason for this phenomenon is the need to significantly increase speed and reduce latency to create a highly responsive environment for end users. With more and more end users using 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), increased responsiveness and capacity at edge locations is a consistent demand.

    Next-Gen Edge Data Centers

    Processing data as close as possible to the end user at the edge of the network (vs. on a central server) means smaller facilities are being built all around the world, in addition to the large data centers located in major technology and economic centers. The new generation of data centers on the network edge are increasingly using high-density computer hardware, such as GPU-packed clusters.

    The new edge facilities are located in places such as wireless towers, on factory floors, or hospital wings―many in small, confined spaces. These smaller edge data centers use liquid-cooling applications to dissipate the heat generated by the heavy computing workload and to lower energy consumption and costs.

    Edge Data Centers Liquid Cooling Benefit

    • Ability to have smaller, confined data centers with heavy usage
    • Significant power reduction
    • Improved energy efficiency


    Using CPC Quick Disconnects in Meeting Data Center Challenges

    Efficient operation, cost containment and performance are major challenges faced by edge computing data centers. Reliable liquid cooling is a means to effectively meet these challenges. And, CPC Everis® quick disconnect (QD) couplings are a key component in liquid cooling systems such as those used in edge computing data center cooling. Our liquid cooling experts understand the complexities of liquid cooling performance and their operational environments. Our team, including materials scientists, design engineers and applications engineers, exclusively focuses on liquid cooling QDs, resulting in a robust portfolio of CPC Everis connectors expressly for liquid cooling designed for 5G and other related edge computing facility services.

    5 Reasons Why Liquid Cooling is Replacing Air Cooling

    • Ergonomic, streamlined design
    • Lightweight for improved operator handling
    • Compact size facilitates installation in tight spaces
    • Easy-to-connect/disconnect for improved serviceability
    • Audible CPC "click" to ensure connection

    With a wide portfolio of Everis connector options, CPC meets the requirements of liquid cooling systems used by edge computing facilities around the world. CPC offers the quick disconnect couplings options you need with features like non-spill shutoff valves and locking hose barb terminations. Everis’ application-specific design and robust product performance testing assist system design engineers in reaching their performance and sustainability objectives for equipment such as power inverters with liquid cooling couplings. They help enable solutions at edge computing facilities.

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