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    Biopharma Connectors

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    Connecting Life and Science

    Biopharmaceutical (biopharma) companies are transforming treatments and saving lives every day. Advances made by the biopharma industry help transform the way medical professionals prevent and treat diseases. Through research, development and marketing, biopharma manufacturers are producing new or enhancing existing biopharmaceutical drugs that provide more targeted treatments and potentially causing fewer side effects.

    Greater Production Efficiency

    With more than 200 major biopharmaceutical companies in the market, competition can be intense. As more and more complex treatments are developed and produced, the cost of research and manufacturing continues to grow―driving biopharma companies to find greater efficiency within the applications across upstream and downstream workflows. Combined with the requirements to increase production and get products to market faster, well-designed bioprocessing or cell and gene therapy systems are necessary for market success. 

    Enter Single-Use Systems (SUS)

    Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are implementing single-use systems for manufacturing in upstream and downstream operations because of their proven reliability, cost efficiency and overall system robustness. 

    Single-Use System Benefits

    • Eliminates risk of cross-contamination
    • Reduces risk of operator exposure
    • Allows faster setup and change over times
    • Shorter qualification and validation times
    • Provides greater system design flexibility
    • Streamlines system reconfiguration
    • Suits multi-product facilities
    • Enables continuous processing
    • Reduces capital expenditures
    • Lowers carbon footprint

    CPC Precision Engineered Sterile Connectors Designed for Biopharma

    Single-use systems components―process containers, transfer lines, bioreactors and other equipment― are integrated by using flexible biopharmaceutical tubing with sterile connections. Biopharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide count on CPC for reliable, single-use, sterile connectors, sterile disconnect and open format products that improve yield, cut costs and reduce time to market. Used in a wide variety of applications, CPC single-use connectors integrate the manufacturing assemblies throughout the upstream and downstream processes in applications such as scale-up, sampling, filtration, chromatography and final fill.

    Improving Biopharma System Design Flexibility Through Single-Use Technology

    CPC biopharma single-use connectors are specifically engineered to maximize design flexibility for creating sophisticated systems with minimal risk. Leveraging the engineering expertise and experience acquired by collaborating closely with customers, CPC AseptiQuik®  genderless connectors integrate easily into single-use and batch processes, streamlining development and drug production. 

    Helping Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturer Become Market Ready

    As new cell and gene therapy advancements move through development to commercialization, companies turn to CPC to increase manufacturing efficiency and flexibility. CPC’s closed system design capabilities, using single-use technology, reduce the risk of contamination and offer risk mitigation to protect personalized cell and gene therapies.

    Five Reasons to Use AseptiQuik Sterile Biopharma Connectors

    1. Maintain media sterility and integrity 
    2. Optimize process design 
    3. Help improve production yields 
    4. Decrease time to market 
    5. Reduce costs

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