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Single-Use Connectors for Bioprocessing

Transforming Biopharmaceuticals

Biologics continue to transform therapeutic drug products because of their ability to treat complex diseases with fewer side effects than traditional medications. As the number of approved biologic therapies continues to increase and production grows, new bioprocessing facilities and expansions are being built to keep pace.  

Increased Implementation of Single-Use Systems (SUS)

Biopharma manufacturers are implementing single-use, aseptic processing systems in both their new and existing production facilities to shorten time to market, control costs and build in system redundancy. Using flexible SUS to transition from small batches used in research to commercial-scale production is faster, safer, easier and causes minimal disruption. When improving bioprocessing workflows, single-use technologies are critical for application efficiency, process reliability and rapid production.

Drivers for Single-Use or Hybrid Systems

  • Strong demand for biosimilars
  • Production of multiple drugs within a single facility
  • Shorter time to market
  • Cost control
  • System redundancy

Decades of Bioprocessing Media Transfer Expertise 

CPC has been delivering lightweight, non-spill, worry-free bioprocessing connectors for decades. CPC engineers have gained bioprocessing experience and applied their single-use systems knowledge to engineer innovative connectors for biopharma manufacturers and system integrators. This expertise directly led to the development of the sterile, open format, steam through connection and disconnection technologies that are purpose built for the rigors of SUS used in bioprocessing. 

CPC Bioprocessing Connectors Deliver Design Flexibility

Bioprocessing systems require connection and disconnection of different types of tubing used to move media that is developed in traditional stainless steel and SUS equipment. CPC single-use connectors are a flexible, efficient and effective method to allow media to enter or leave a system flow path. From fermentation to finish-and-fill, CPC bioprocessing connectors allow different processes to be easily integrated for increased flexibility and efficiency.

7 Reasons to Use CPC Single-Use Connectors

  1. Help maintain flow path sterility and integrity
  2. Simplify process integration
  3. Maximize system design flexibility
  4. Enable improve production yields
  5. Decrease time-to-market
  6. Facilitate cost reduction
  7. Streamline supply chain efficiencies

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