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    The IdentiQuik® Multiple Antenna RF-enabled communicator (MAR) provides a convenient and economical solution for avoiding misconnections in a multiline environment. Designed to handle up to eight fluid connections, the MAR eliminates larger, individual RF-enabled communicators, which reduces redundancy and complexity of system design. Like all IdentiQuik RF-enabled products, the MAR makes controlling, protecting and streamlining fluid handling processes easier and more efficient. The MAR is compatible with all PLC12 panel-mounted bodies and PLC12 Series RFID-enabled inserts.

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    Palm-sized reader with one USB supporting up to eight fluid linesSimplifies design integration by eliminating larger, individual RF-enabled communicators
    Transfer of fluid and information for each flow pathIdentifies device types or connected media, verifies line connection and captures fluid and product data
    Modular, detachable configurations per fluid lineMeets specifications for cables, coupling type,  length, size and environment

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