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    Quick Connectors for Dialysis

    According to the National Kidney Foundation, 10% of the global population is affected by chronic kidney diseases, with more than a million dying each year. Dialysis is a blood purification procedure, done by dialysis machines, where toxins and excess fluids are removed from the body. Dialysis machines are used in the treatment of chronic kidney diseases, acute renal injuries, kidney transplant procedures and other kidney ailments. Larger clinics and dialysis centers use bulk distribution systems to deliver the fluids and chemicals from the mixing and water treatment systems in the back of the clinic to the dialysis machines.  

    Dialysis Industry Growth Continues

    Rising incidents of kidney ailments and lack of kidney donors has resulted in dialysis industry growth worldwide. Additionally, kidney problems caused by the prevalence of diabetes and the growing number of patients suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD) are driving the need for dialysis treatment. Funding for better dialysis products and increasing demand for easier-to-use in-home treatment options are major influencers in the industry.

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    CPC Helps Provide Superior Dialysis Treatment

    With a proven track record in a broad range of medical applications, CPC helps improve patient safety, prevent misconnections and increase the overall speed and throughput of dialysis machines and equipment. OEMs around the world choose CPC because of its proven performance in dialysis equipment, reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment systems and dialyzer reprocessing equipment.

    Types of Dialysis

    Hemodialysis: extra-corporeal purification of blood

    Peritoneal dialysis: blood purification methods using peritoneum (a patient’s abdomen) 

    CPC Quick Connector Couplings and Dispensing Products Used by Dialysis Distribution Systems

    Used in chemical and water applications worldwide, high performance CPC quick connector couplings and dispensing products are used in dialysis clinics on a wide variety of systems—from the acid and bicarbonate lines to the water lines used on RO water treatment systems. CPC’s broad portfolio of products are compatible with harsh chemicals, cleaning agents and high temperature sterilization methods. On top of being tried and true, CPC quick connector couplings save time and improve turnaround time of dialysis equipment. 

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    Saving Time, Eliminating Spills

    Technicians save time reconnecting pipe threads and tubing onto equipment and hose barbs by using highly reliable CPC quick disconnect couplings. CPC non-spill and valved connections eliminate or minimize drips and spills to minimize unnecessary cleanups and maintain a sanitary environment. The CPC DrumQuik® Dispensing System creates a safe, “closed” system for the extraction of chemicals used in dialysis while preventing outside contamination.

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