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    Plastic Tubing Quick Connectors for Home Healthcare Devices

    The home healthcare industry offers an expanding variety of home healthcare devices used by people and their caretakers. These devices―such as cold and compression therapy systems, insulin delivery devices, home IV pumps, home dialysis equipment―are designed to treat an illness or heal an injury with minimal effort and time spent by the user. 

    CPC Connectors Are Ideal for Home Healthcare Plastic Tubing Connections

    CPC quick connect and disconnect solutions improve the functionality and design of your home healthcare devices and equipment. Special features include precise hose barbs for superior grip, built-in shutoff valves for preventing spills, easy-to-use, push-button thumb latches for quick connections and – when you want it - quick disconnections. Count on CPC medical plastic tubing connectors and couplings to deliver the ultimate fluid management solution.

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    Home Healthcare Examples and Benefits

    • Wound care for pressure sores or a surgical wound
    • Intravenous or nutrition therapy
    • Monitoring serious illness and unstable health status


    Home Healthcare and Associated Devices are Designed to Help a Person

    • Get better faster
    • Regain independence as soon as possible
    • Become as self-sufficient as possible quickly
    • More accessible and more efficient than hospital care or specialist nursing facilities


    CPC Connecting Technology and Healing

    When the usability and effectiveness of home healthcare devices can make the difference between a few days or a few weeks of healing, every CPC connector must be safe and reliable―free of air or liquid leaks. Improving patient safety and preventing misconnections, CPC medical plastic tubing connectors are chosen by medical device OEMs around the world because of our track record of proven performance—from the operating room to the home healthcare setting.

    Feature & Benefits of CPC Connectors for Home Healthcare

    • Non-spill, closed-system design ensures drip-free disconnects
    • User-friendly, ergonomic design improves usability
    • Intuitive interface minimizes training and reduces errors 
    • Free coupling rotation allows tubing to move freely or relax without kinking or leaking 
    • Chemically resistant materials provide reliable strength and performance in a range of home healthcare applications
    • Audible connection guarantees user knows a reliable connection is made
    • Break-away latch ensures intuitive and rapid disconnects
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    Expand Your Portfolio, Increase Your Product Offering

    Updating existing designs or designing entirely new products is easy with CPC fluid plastic tubing quick connector and coupling products. Our connection technology experts work with your home healthcare device designers and engineers to deliver a robust and easy-to-use product line for your medical customers. CPC’s partnership-focused approach helps enhance and support your brand and ensure cost-effective solutions for your home healthcare devices.

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