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    Sterile, Single-Use Biopharma Technology

    The biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry requires a broad portfolio of  innovative, high-quality products to support unique workflows across upstream and downstream applications. CPC sterile, single-use biopharma technology ― including our innovative AseptiQuik®, Steam-Thru® and MicroCNX® Sterile Connectors ― are critical in ensuring sterility when transferring media within your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

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    Connected with the Needs of Bioprocessing and Cell & Gene Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    From our experience working with process and manufacturing engineers around the world, CPC understands the requirements needed to meet the challenges of media transfer within upstream and downstream workflows. Exclusively engineered and built for the rigors of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, our single-use sterile technology and biopharma connectors deliver:

    • Repeatable and reliable performance with no additional hardware required
    • Rapid implementation with simple integration of multiple single-use assemblies including bag systems, tubes set or stainless-steel process equipment
    • Assurance of process sterility even in non-sterile environments
    • Reduced operating costs with fewer inventory parts and decreased labor costs
    • Convenient way to add new products, rapidly convert processes and quickly make operational adjustments
    • Ease of use with technician-friendly connection process
    • Open market neutrality with global distribution

    How Do CPC Biopharma Connectors Work?

    A CPC AseptiQuik biopharma connector consists of two identical parts that when connected create a sterile media flow path. Each of the CPC media transfer couplings employs a valve architecture that assures the sterility of the media. Automatic shutoff valves close the flow path aseptically, protecting valuable media while eliminating the need for pinch clamps and tube welders. Upon disconnection, the integrated shutoff valves automatically stop media flow, reducing spills during disconnection. Once an AseptiQuik biopharma connector is connected, the flow begins.

    Download CAD

    Become a registered user on the CPC website and then simply download CAD files. Available in a huge variety of file formats, it’s easy to realize how CPC’s unique, sterile, single-use technology will fit into your specific upstream or downstream application. Contact us if you need a sample for testing or prototyping.  

    Contact us if you need a sample for testing or prototyping.

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