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    Quick Compression Connectors & Fittings for Cold Therapy

    Cold therapy, often the first aid applied after an injury, relies on fluid management to constrict blood vessels to help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. Another use is to help athletes  recover more quickly from strenuous workouts and demanding games. In addition, cold therapy also removes lactic acid, which can hinder muscle performance and lead to muscle fatigue.

    Getting the Ice-Cold Treatment

    Ice has long been the cold therapy method of choice for medical professionals, including surgeons, doctors and trainers. These care professionals are increasingly turning to cold therapy systems which consist of a “therapy cuff” that fits over a simple cooler with a small pump and a hose that connects the two components together. These connection points need to be changed easily, quickly, and with no drips or spills. CPC has a wide portfolio of highly engineered compression therapy products that is specially designed to meet those needs. 

    Linking Technology and Healing

    A user of a cold therapy system sets water temperature in the associated cooler to 30 to 50° Fahrenheit, with no need for manual temperature adjustment. The system automatically controls the temperature by constantly replacing warmed water with colder water. This process ensures that the injured area is treated with the same cold temperature throughout the therapy session, providing deeper penetration of the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy.

    CPC Dual Tube Connectors Purpose Built for Cold Therapy

    • Ability to connect and disconnect tubes independently or simultaneously
    • Ergonomically designed latch for ease of use
    • Audible "click" makes it obvious when a proper connection is made
    • Reliable, leak free design prevents cold water from dripping onto an individual, the bed or the floor—keeping patients safe and comfortable
    Learn more about CPC Dual Tube Connectors

    Putting on the Squeeze

    Some cold therapy systems also add compression to further speed healing. The cold therapy cuff, which features channels for circulating cold water, automatically and intermittently compresses, then releases. This dual action helps minimize swelling and promotes tissue repair and healing by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the area. Cold compression systems are used in varied settings including hospital rooms, physical therapy centers, practice facilities and homes.

    Rely on CPC Quick Compression Connectors When Keeping Cold is a Must

    Usability and effectiveness of cold and compression therapy devices make the difference between a few days or a few weeks of healing. Every connection in the cold therapy system needs to be free of air or liquid leaks. By improving patient safety and preventing misconnections, CPC quick compression connectors are chosen by medical device OEMs around the world because of a track record of proven performance and reliability.

    Trusted Reliability

    CPC CPC quick compression connectors and couplings are purpose-built for cold and cold compression therapy applications. They help maintain the temperatures required for these healthcare systems to deliver the best performance. User-friendly, easy-to-use, ergonomic designs improve usability which minimizes training and eliminates misconnections.

    Dependable Durability

    Built to manage the temperature requirements of cold therapy systems, CPC non-spill quick compression connectors deliver optimized flowrates with excellent flow to size ratio for superior performance. CPC quick compression connectors feature a non-spill, closed-system design to ensure mess-free, drip-free disconnects necessary in a home or other healthcare environments.

    Overall Robustness

    Meeting the diverse types of cold therapy systems, CPC quick compression connectors come in an expanding variety of sizes, termination options and materials including high-performance polymers. A broad range of configurations are available to meet your specific requirements. All CPC quick compression connectors and couplings are rigorously tested ─ including materials testing, product testing and torture testing to failure ─ to meet product specifications.

    Straightforward Serviceability

    When your cold therapy systems need maintenance, CPC’s break-away latch ensures intuitive and rapid disconnections. Designed to ease at-home serviceability, CPC drip-free, non-spill disconnect couplings ensure safer and quicker repair. The simple-to-use thumb latch provides both ease and speed of installation and system maintenance. CPC medical tubing fittings feature space-conscious designs perfect for at-home settings.

    Connection Assurance

    With a sleek body and ergonomically designed thumb latch, CPC quick compression connectors and couplings deliver single-handed operation. The audible CPC click assures that patients know when the fluid lines are connected. CPC quick connectors' low force-to-connect make it simple to ensure a complete connection.

    Assurance of Supply

    CPC has a proven track record of providing products that meet difficult specifications and quality requirements through having a strong supply assurance program. The program includes control of the manufacturing process from raw materials to final product manufacturing. Investments in extra capacity and redundant manufacturing ensure capacity when it’s needed. Medical customers have confidence in CPC’s ability to fulfill demand and a track record of accurate lead times, and most importantly, by sound supply chain management.

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