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    Single-Use Systems for Biotechnology Drug Products

    Drug Products are Constantly Evolving

    Every day biopharma companies are researching, developing, conducting clinical trials and releasing new and experimental drugs and compounds to the market. There are new formulations and new manufacturers with new drug products that have significant advantages over existing drugs. Additionally, new dosage forms of existing drugs―from nose sprays, easier-to-swallow tabs to chewables and more―make it easier to help patients with a better quality of life and, in some cases, improved chances of surviving life-threatening illnesses.

    Changing Nature of Producing Drugs

    Technologies and operational methods for the development and manufacturing of drug products, including biologics  and protein-based therapeutics, are continually changing. Reproducing drugs reliably at commercial scale is increasingly sophisticated, complex and potentially extremely costly. Drug product manufacturers are under constant pressure to deliver the best treatment as quickly as possible at an appropriate price―and get reimbursed equitably for their efforts. And, of course, safety remains at the top of the priority list.

    Single-Use Systems (SUS) Help Meet Drug Production Challenges

    Single-use systems, sometimes referred to as disposable bioprocessing equipment, is now widely accepted for use during pre-commercial drug production and increasingly being implemented for commercial drug products manufacturing. Using flexible SUS to transition from small-batch production to commercial-scale production is faster, safer, easier and causes minimal disruption, which is why we are increasingly seeing single-use systems in the bioprocessing market.

    Top 3 Benefits of SUS

    • Application Efficiency
    • Process Reliability
    • Rapid Production

    CPC’s Skilled Team Focused on Single-Use Systems for Bioprocessing

    With drug manufacturers’ objectives of providing safe, cost-effective and shortened time-to-market, CPC’s bioprocessing engineers are deeply familiar with how SUS use requires media handling that is of the highest quality, assures sterility, and delivers reliability. Our team, including materials scientists, design engineers and applications engineers, exclusively focuses on bioprocessing connectors, resulting in a robust portfolio of genderless, sterile and steam-in-place connects and disconnects expressly for drug development and production.

    Using CPC Sterile Connectors in Manufacturing Drug Products

    CPC sterile connectors, such as AseptiQuik® and MicroCNX®, are a critical component to bring together single-use assemblies, while maintaining a sterile fluid pathway. They are precision engineered to connect one processing stream to another―such as a container to a sampling line, media to a vessel or a filtration process to a filling line.

    CPC single-use aseptic connectors are a flexible, efficient and effective method to allow media to enter or leave a system flow path. The robust, easy-to-use design of the AseptiQuik Series portfolio of sterile connectors for single-use systems prevents unwarranted material exchange between the process and the environment.

    Sterile Connectors Requirements

    • Prevent process contamination
    • Maintain sterility
    • Increase application design flexibility
    • Offer a broad portfolio of configuration and size options
    • Streamline inventory requirements
    • Engineered by bioprocessing experts
    • Manufactured by company with extensive experience

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