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    Connectors for Medical Support Surfaces

    Medical support surfaces are bed systems and other devices designed to distribute body pressure evenly, reduce shearing forces and control heat and moisture. These bed systems help prevent and heal skin breakdown caused by pressure ulcers, also known as pressure sores or bedsores, that result from prolonged pressure on the skin. Medical support surfaces are essential for use in skin therapy because they enhance the flow of blood through the circulatory or lymphatic system to the injured soft tissue.

    "Pressure redistribution support surfaces can help reduce the incidence of pressure injuries by up to 60%."

    Nursing: February 2020 - Volume 50 - Issue 2 - p 41-44

    OEMs Count on CPC to Improve Hospital Bed Systems Useability

    Usability and reliability are critical characteristics that medical support surface OEMs demand in their fluid and air handling systems. Every connection in the patient bed needs to be free of air or liquid leaks. CPC connectors are chosen by medical support surface OEMs around the world because of a track record of proven performance and reliability.

    Advanced Hospital Beds Deliver Patient Comfort

    High-tech bed systems, known as air-fluidized beds, circulate filtered air through silicone or ceramic beads. Warm air under pressure puts the small beads in motion to simulate the movement of fluid. When the patient is placed in the bed, the body’s weight is evenly distributed over a large surface area which creates a sensation of floating.

    Alternating pressure bed systems contain air-filled chambers or cylinders where air or fluid is pumped at periodic intervals to inflate and deflate the chambers. Other powered beds, like low air-loss beds, circulate air within them.

    CPC Hybrid Connector Helps OEMs Design Enhanced Medical Support Surfaces

    • Simplifies connections that require power, signal, air or fluids with a single easy-to-use connector
    • Eliminates misconnections with one integrated connection point to help protect equipment and patients
    • Easily customized for a wide range of medical support surfaces
    • Improve user experience with the support surface
    • Make the front panel of the support surface visually cleaner
    Find out more about the CPC hybrid Connector

    Keep Up the Pressure in Medical Support Surfaces with CPC Connectors

    Medical support patient beds function by transferring liquids or gasses through small diameter tubing. The primary need for CPC connectors is to move fluid from point A to point B. While this sounds simple, the fluid handling process for medical support surfaces can be complicated by pressure requirements, leak mitigation, ease of use, reliability and others. CPC helps overcome these potential complications by offering a variety of medical support connectors with:

    • A broad range of media characteristics  
    • Various flow rates and pressure specs  
    • Sizes to meet physical space limitations
    • Support for a single integrated connection point for power, air or fluids  
    • Minimal air inclusion  
    • Non-spill valves
    • Options to meet user-specific and environmental issues 

    Trusted Reliability

    CPC quick connectors and couplings are purpose-built for medical support surfaces. They help manage the fluid transfer required for these patient beds to deliver the best performance. User-friendly, easy-to-use, ergonomic designs improve usability which minimizes training and eliminates leaks.

    Dependable Durability

    Built to manage the fluid handling of hospital bed systems, CPC quick disconnectors deliver optimized flowrates with excellent flow to size ratio for superior performance. CPC couplings feature non-spill, closed-system designs to ensure mess-free, drip-free disconnects necessary in hospital and surgical environments.

    Overall Robustness

    Meeting the diverse types of medical support surfaces, CPC medical support connectors come in an expanding variety of sizes, termination options and materials, including high-performance polymers. A broad range of configurations is available to meet OEM-specific requirements. All CPC medical support connectors and couplings are rigorously tested ─ including materials testing, product testing and torture testing to failure ─ to meet product specifications.

    Straightforward Serviceability

    When your hospital bed systems need maintenance, CPC medical support connectors ensure intuitive and rapid disconnections and connections. Designed for serviceability, CPC drip-free, non-spill disconnect couplings ensure safer and quicker repair. The simple-to-use thumb latch provides both ease and speed of installation and system maintenance. CPC quick disconnect couplings feature space-conscious designs perfect for hospital and surgical settings.

    Connection Assurance

    With a sleek body and ergonomically designed thumb latch, CPC medical support connectors and couplings deliver single-handed operation along with the audible CPC "click" to assure healthcare professionals know when the fluid and electrical lines are connected. With a low force-to-connect, CPC connectors make it simple to ensure a complete connection.

    Assurance of Supply

    CPC has a proven track record of providing products that meet difficult specifications and quality requirements through having a strong supply assurance program. The program includes control of the manufacturing process from raw materials to final product manufacturing. Investments in extra capacity and redundant manufacturing ensure capacity when it’s needed. Medical customers have confidence in CPC’s ability to fulfill demand and a track record of accurate lead times, and most importantly, by sound supply chain management.

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