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    Efficient Quick Disconnects for Workstation Liquid Cooling

    Traditional vs. New Liquid Cooled High-end Workstations

    High-end workstation CPUs and GPUs are more powerful and generate more heat than standard PCs. Running at excessively high temperatures can dramatically shorten the lifetime utility of these workstations. That’s why liquid cooling solutions for these types of computer setups — often used for professional gaming, video, animation and production work — are essential. Liquid cooling is known to be up to 4,000 times more efficient than air at transferring heat and significantly reduces the operational carbon footprint. 

    The right liquid cooling solution will ensure high-end workstations are able to operate quietly at peak performance, saving money and minimizing downtime. Liquid cooling quick disconnects enable optimal system design of cooling loops in these systems.

    CPC Everis® Quick Disconnect Couplings (QDs) Designed for Workstation Liquid Cooling

    CPC’s fluid handling experts understand how liquid cooling can help the performance, reliability and efficiency challenges faced by high-end computer workstation designers and users. Exclusively focused on liquid cooling QDs, CPC’s team of engineers designed and developed the purpose-built Everis® quick disconnect couplings and connectors portfolio for leak free use in liquid cooling workstation systems.

    Everis Quick Disconnects Engineered for Workstation Liquid Cooling

    Trusted Reliability

    Everis’ range of seal options and QD materials are engineered to meet temperature, chemical and pressure compatibility requirements of liquid cooled workstations. You can count on Everis connectors to withstand side load and tensile pressures during installation and support long periods of connections typical for these types of systems.

    Dependable Durability

    CPC provides a wide range of high-performance quick disconnect couplings that deliver years of leak-free performance. Engineered for the rigors of liquid cooling today’s high-end CPUs and GPUs, Everis® non-spill connectors deliver optimized flow rates with excellent flow to size ratio for superior performance.

    Multitude of Options

    Engineers can make the choice that’s right for the system from a wide array of liquid cooling QD configurations. CPC’s Everis QDs come in a variety of sizes, termination options and materials, including plated brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and high-performance polymers. Configurations include blind mate, latched (hand mate), straight and elbow connectors with seal options including EPDM and FKM.

    Meticulous Testing

    All Everis liquid cooling QD designs are rigorously tested ─ including materials testing, product testing and torture testing to failure ─ to meet product design specifications. As a matter of fact, CPC offers reliable, reproducible performance and provides validation reports that support the QD’s performance attributes.

    Straightforward Serviceability

    If your workstation goes down or needs standard maintenance, CPC latched connectors are designed to ensure ease of access to system components for upgrades or repair. Everis connectors feature dry break, drip-free non-spill disconnections for safer access near the electronics. The simple-to-use thumb latch provides both ease and speed of installation and system maintenance.

    Connection Assurance

    With a sleek body and ergonomically designed thumb latch, Everis liquid cooling connectors deliver single-handed operation along with the audible CPC click to assure technicians to know they’re connected.

    Technical Insight from CPC's Liquid Cooling Engineers

    Interested in learning more about quick disconnects for liquid cooled workstations?

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