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    Quick Release Couplings for General Use

    Reliable Quick Disconnects in a Wide Variety of Sizes

    For general air and fluid handling applications, design engineers around the world choose CPC couplings because they’re easy to use and get the job done. These general-purpose quick disconnects feature a variety of terminations, configurations, sizes and materials for applications in a diverse set of products, machinery, devices and processes.

    If you’re seeking reliable, high-performance quick release couplings and other fluid management solutions backed by years of experience — CPC has you covered.

    General Purpose Quick Release Couplings: Types and Applications

    No matter what the fluid handling application requires, every type of CPC quick release coupling is uniquely designed to deliver what is needed.

    • Non-Spill: reduce spillage to near zero when couplings are disconnected
    • Valved: transfer liquids or gasses through small diameter tubing with these valved quick connectors 
    • Non-Valved: versatile and engineered to fit a broad range of fluid handling applications
    • Multiline: connect two, six or even ten separate flow paths with one coupling 
    • RFID:  leverage RFID technology to transfer fluid and exchange critical information
    • Electrofluidic: single connection that integrates power, signal, air or fluids 
    • Drum Connectors: a robust dispensing system to use on virtually any container for safe extraction of chemicals or foods

    What's unique about CPC's general purpose quick release couplings?

    • Precise hose barbs for reliable, secure and leak-free connections
    • Thumb latch with an audible “CPC click” 
    • Ergonomic design for easy connection and disconnection

    If you have challenging fluid handling design or technical issues, CPC engineers work closely with your team to help solve your custom needs and get your products to market faster.

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