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    Liquid Cooled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Cables

    Don’t Forget the EV Charging Cables

    The diameter, length and mounting style of liquid cooled EV cables at fast charging stations can’t be ignored. As cables connect directly into the expensive electrical component system onboard EVs, it's important to understand how these oft forgotten components affect EV charging time and use. With no industry standard, electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) manufacturers design their fast and extreme fast charging (XFC) systems with liquid cooled EV battery cables that users of varying stature can handle safely.

    Charging Cables – Another EV Heat Source

    As charging speeds become faster, heat increases, and the accompanying cables and cable connectors become bulkier, heavier, and more cumbersome, making them hard to manage.

    Achieving reduced charging time objectives require more durable and cooled cables. Cables are liquid-cooled and use separate cooling loops for the cable and connector of EV power systems. EVSE liquid cooled cables lower the temperature in the charging cables themselves and at the DC contacts at the vehicle’s electrical connector.

    Optimizing EV Charging Cables with Everis® Liquid Cooling Connectors from CPC

    • Purpose-built for EV and EVSE liquid cooling applications
    • Compatible with variety of coolant fluids used by EV charging cables liquid cooling systems
    • Meet the compatibility, flow, pressure and temperature standards set by EVSE cooling systems
    • Withstand applicable environmental operating conditions wherever the EV charging cables are located
    • Use a robust, redundant seal design that eliminates leaks that could affect charging station electronics
    • Offer reliable, reproducible performance
    View CPC Everis Liquid Cooling Quick Disconnects

    User-friendly EV Charging Cables with CPC Liquid Cooling Quick Disconnects

    Regardless of the EV or EV fleet operations requirements, CPC can support engineers and manufacturers in the design and development of liquid cooling systems for EV and EVSE electrical components. With our thermal management expertise and experience in liquid cooling connections in electric vehicle charging, we help customers deliver reliable equipment to their customers, ensuring that EVs and EV fleets keep running. CPC’s purpose-built Everis quick disconnect couplings and connectors portfolio is optimized for use in liquid cooling systems of EV charging stations.

    Everis Quick Disconnects Engineered for Liquid Cooled EV Charging Stations

    Trusted Reliability

    CPC’s purpose built Everis liquid cooling connectors perform in blistering high to sub-zero low temperatures, matching all the environments where EV charging cables and stations are located. Everis QDs offer reliable fluid or coolant containment and withstand pressures ─ side load, flexing, tensile forces ─ during long periods of connection.

    Dependable Durability

    Engineered for various liquid cooling applications that use EV and EVSE charging cables, Everis non-spill connectors deliver optimized flowrates with excellent flow to size ratio for superior performance. CPC Everis quick disconnects feature a valve design that is precision engineered for extended connection time and is compatible with a wide variety of system coolants. With robust redundant seals, CPC Everis QDs easily tolerate use pressures without compromising the valve or seals, eliminating potential exposure of crucial EV electrical components near or below the liquid cooling loop to fluids.

    Overall Robustness

    Without an industry standard for the liquid cooling systems used in EV charging cables or systems at charging stations, CPC Everis liquid cooling QDs come in an expanding variety of sizes, termination options and materials including nickel plated brass, stainless steel, aluminum, PPSU and other high-performance polymers. Everis quick disconnect configurations include blind mate, latched, straight and elbow styles with standard EPDM seals and seal options including FKM and FVMQ.

    All Everis liquid cooling QD solutions are rigorously tested ─ including materials testing, product testing and torture testing to failure ─ to meet product specifications. To prove the point, CPC provides associated product validation reports so system designers can test and verify reliable, reproducible performance in their applications.

    Straightforward Serviceability

    CPC latched Everis connectors are designed for ease in liquid cooling system serviceability, including drip-free non-spill disconnections for safer and efficient system repair. The simple-to-use thumb latch provides both ease and speed of installation and system maintenance. Everis blind mate and swivel joint QDs make it easy to install or connect the cooling loop in tight spaces that are part of the liquid cooling systems that keep EV charging cables cool.

    Ask a CPC Liquid Cooling Engineer

    Need to find the right fluid connector for the liquid cooling system for your in-vehicle electronic applications, ask one of our thermal management experts.

    More Information on Liquid Cooling for EV Applications

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