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    DrumQuik® PRO & PUR Drum Dispensing Systems

    No matter what type of packaging and dispensing products are used in chemical handling, they must be accessible, convenient and safe to use. CPC DrumQuik® PRO and PUR Drum Dispensing Systems make instant connections to flexible and rigid bulk packaging systems. By creating a closed transfer system, DrumQuik Connectors help protect workers and keep a cleaner work environment.  

    Cost Effective Chemical Handling with DrumQuik Dispensing Systems

    The CPC DrumQuik PRO and DrumQuik PUR Dispensing Systems save money through faster drum changeouts, preventing spill cleanups and reducing recycling costs. The plastic dip-tube replaces expensive stainless steel and stays with the drum to be recycled, disposed of or returned to the chemical packager for re-use. The rugged but cost-effective dispense head not only withstands harsh operating environments but can be re-used for thousands of leak-free connections.  

    Robust Dispensing Couplings Designed for Bulk Liquid Chemical Handling

    DrumQuik PRO and DrumQuik PUR Dispensing Systems are used with a wide variety of containers including plastic and steel drums, chemical packs, IBCs or totes. Material options are available to accommodate basic chemical handling (acids, caustics and solvents), food-grade dispensing, animal-free pharmaceutical, medical applications and high purity chemical management. 

    Improve Chemical Management Processes with CPC Dispensing Connectors

    Increased drum evacuation rates minimize wasted media and improved employee safety lower overhead costs. Reduce process setup time, less downtime during container changeouts and reduced cleaning time all add up to significant savings.  

    Cleaner Chemical Transfer with DrumQuik PUR

    For applications requiring a high level of purity, DrumQuik PUR Connectors provides the assurance of compatibility with ultra-pure requirements of chemicals used in pharmaceutical, medical, technology manufacturing, as well as general laboratory chemical handling. The all-plastic DrumQuik PUR Coupler is cleanroom manufactured and double bagged to maintain purity and protect process integrity. The coupler easily connects to the dip-tube/bung closure to keep containers sealed and prevent contamination of costly chemicals or the environment. 


    Use DrumQuik Dispensing Systems for Faster Container Changeouts

    Faster container changeouts make chemical transfer more efficient and reduce process downtime. Transfer the DrumQuik dispense head from an empty container and connect it to the new container in seconds. Improved container management minimizes clean-up time and makes it easy to maintain a cleaner, safer work environment. 

    CPC DrumQuik Connectors Means Safer Material Management

    Replace messy, dripping stainless steel dip-tubes with a contained HDPE drum insert and bung closure to enable spill-free changeouts. DrumQuik PRO and DrumQuik PUR Dispensing Systems can be easily integrated into your existing process using common pumps and plumbing methods. Color coding and mechanical keying options are available to reduce hazardous misconnected lines. 

    Smarter Dispensing Solutions with CPC RFID Technology

    Advanced DrumQuik PRO & PUR Dispensing System connectors integrate RFID technology to verify container contents, track container usage, identify potentially hazardous misconnections and much more. DrumQuik Connectors with RFID simplifies operation, minimizes costly or dangerous spills while controlling, protecting and streamlining valuable fluids. 

    Our Chemical Dispensing Management Team Is Available to Help

    Collaborate with CPC application engineers to answer questions or design custom chemical dispensing management solutions using the DrumQuik Dispensing System platform and based on container types, size constraints, mounting scenarios or flow targets.

    Check out the complete line of CPC’s chemical dispensing management systems and download a spec sheet or CAD drawings today. 

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