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    Infection Control Fluid Handling Systems

    Infection control solutions―autoclaves, endoscope reprocessors, disinfection washers and other infection control systems―help hospitals reduce infection rates through sterilization, a procedure that destroys microorganisms on equipment surfaces. Improperly sterilized medical devices are a threat to patient health, which is why effective infection control systems are vital in healthcare facilities. 

    Partner with CPC to Enhance Fluid Handling in Infection Control Systems

    There are many factors in determining how to improve fluid handling in infection control systems. Through collaboration with design engineers on a variety of sterilization and cleaning devices, CPC understands the challenges and requirements of infection control technologies. Our team, including materials scientists, design engineers and applications engineers, are familiar with the materials and chemistry that infection control system OEMs design for, including the various fluids and temperatures used in sterilization and how they interact with other components in an integrated infection control system.  

    CPC Quick Connectors Improve Infection Control Supply Line

    Well-designed connectors and couplings from CPC make the handling of fluids used in infection control systems simple and efficient. CPC quick connectors ensure product designers that sterilant fluids used in autoclaves, endoscope reprocessors, disinfection washers and other infection control systems are delivered safely to the equipment being cleaned and sterilized. Improving patient care by helping reduce infections and minimizing downtime between sterilizations, CPC quick connectors for infection control systems are the perfect leak-proof connections for healthcare facilities, protecting patients and staff.

    Trusted Reliability

    CPC quick connectors for infection control provide leak-free connections for sterilant supply lines used in infection control devices. CPC connectors are critical components in the fluid handling of these systems since they facilitate the safe delivery of sterilant. User-friendly, ergonomic designs improve usability while intuitive interfaces minimize training and eliminate misconnections.

    Dependable Durability

    Built to manage the wide range of chemicals and temperatures (including steam) used by infection control systems in healthcare facilities, CPC non-spill quick connectors deliver optimized flowrates with excellent flow to size ratios for superior performance. CPC couplings feature non-spill, closed-system designs to ensure mess-free, drip-free disconnects necessary for maintaining connection integrity, even with harsh chemistries used in low-temperature sterilization. Using CPC connectors increases ease-of-use, minimizes operator error and maximizes equipment up-time—all important factors in the drive toward high productivity and reliability.

    Overall Robustness

    Meeting the needs of the diverse types of infection control systems, CPC quick connectors come in an expanding variety of sizes, termination options and materials including engineered polymers such as PEEK or PVDF. A broad range of quick connect configurations are available to meet specific infection control equipment requirements. All CPC connectors and couplings are rigorously tested – including materials testing, product testing and torture testing to failure ─ to meet product specifications.

    Straightforward Serviceability

    When your infection control systems need maintenance, CPC’s simple-to-use thumb latch ensures intuitive and rapid disconnection of supply lines. Use CPC multi-mount couplings for connecting three to five lines at once, simplifying connections of multiple fluid supply lines. Designed for ease of serviceability, CPC drip-free, non-spill couplings allow safer and quicker repair to get infection control system equipment back up and running.

    Connection Assurance

    With sleek, ergonomic designs, CPC connectors and couplings deliver single-handed operation, even with gloves on. The audible CPC click assures that healthcare professionals know when the infection control device supply lines are connected. With a low force-to-connect, CPC connectors make it simple to ensure a complete connection.

    Assurance of Supply

    CPC has a proven track record of providing products consistently under their stated specifications and quality requirements through having a strong supply assurance program. The program includes control of the manufacturing process from raw materials to final product manufacturing. Investments in extra capacity and redundant manufacturing ensure capacity when it’s needed. Medical customers have confidence in CPC’s ability to fulfill demand through accurate lead times, identifying and communicating potential delays and, most importantly, sound supply chain management.

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