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    Medical Device Connectors and Couplings

    Medical devices assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating patients, improving their quality of life in turn. Some of the medical devices and equipment that use CPC couplings and connectors include in vitro diagnostic devices, diagnostic imaging equipment, dental equipment, ophthalmic devices, cardiovascular devices and others. Medical devices are increasingly becoming more advanced, specialized and miniaturized — it’s crucial they have easy-to-use, reliable connection points.

    Better Medical Devices for Better Outcomes

    Medical devices continue to be a critical tool for medical professionals in helping patients worldwide, especially with common critical conditions like diabetes and cancer continually on the rise. Medical device OEMs must continually find better ways to identify, diagnose and treat diseases in more efficient and effective ways. One way is with easy-to-use fluid handling connectors from CPC.

    5 Benefits of CPC Purpose-Built Medical Device Connectors

    • Robust and reliable to meet the rigors of a wide variety of medical device applications
    • Ergonomic thumb latch making it easy to operate, even with gloved hands
    • Sterilizable by autoclave, EtO, e-beam or gamma for product reusability
    • Wide variety of materials including connectors meeting biocompatible standards
    • ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom ensures the quality and cleanliness of each cleanroom product including shipping in double heat-sealed bags
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    CPC Medical Device Connectors Simply Get the Job Done

     CPC’s specialized medical quick disconnects are designed to meet the challenging needs of the medical device market. Whether it’s compatibility with harsh chemicals or cleaning products, sterilizability or mechanically keyed products to eliminate misconnects — CPC has a solution for even the most demanding specifications. Medical device OEMs around the world choose clean, safe medical device connectors from CPC because of our proven performance in operating rooms, dental offices, dialysis centers, life science labs and other locations where sanitation is essential.

    Features of CPC Medical Device Connectors

    • Precise hose barbs for superior grip of tubing, helping ensure no leaking or accidental disconnects 
    • Built-in shutoff valves to prevent fluid spills and drips
    • Easy-to-use, push-button thumb latch for quick one-handed connecting and disconnecting, even with a gloved hand

    CPC APC Series Connectors Deliver Ease-of-Use in a Compact Size

    • Plastic thumb latch with no exposed metal parts
    • Shrouded thumb latch protects against accidental disconnects
    • Integral terminations for fewer leak points, shorter assemblies and faster installations
    • Chemically resistant material for use in wide variety of medical device applications

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