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    Quick Connectors for Patient Monitoring

    Patient monitoring applications monitor various vital signs and warning systems that detect and record changes in patient health. Covering a wide range of devices including blood pressure cuffs, patient monitors, anesthesia equipment and life support systems, patient monitoring applications help specialists do their job more effectively and efficiently. These applications provide a deeper understanding of the patient's condition and help ensure better outcomes. The monitoring devices and equipment must be reliable, fast and easy to use to help deliver critical clinical accuracy.

    Mistake-proof Couplings for Patient Monitoring Applications

    CPC provides a complete offering of small-bore quick connectors for patient monitoring applications that are recognized by health care providers around the world. Found on blood pressure cuffs, patient monitors, anesthesia equipment and life support systems, CPC has the connector ideally suited for patient monitoring applications. Mechanically keyed and uniquely designed quick disconnect products from CPC ensure that critical connection points are made correctly and eliminate potentially hazardous misconnections. With ISO 80369 compatibility, CPC couplings meet strict patient monitoring equipment requirements and are designed to provide a seamless and safe fluid handling solution.


    CPC Fittings, Luers and Blood Pressure Connectors: The Perfect Choice

    Get the right fit every time with CPC fittings, luers and blood pressure connectors. CPC blood pressure connectors feature precise hose barbs and thread forms. No matter what type of connector needed—bayonet, SMC, quarter turn, screw threads, multiline connectors—CPC has the easy-to-use, leak-free product for a wide variety of cuff requirements. For limited use or disposable applications where a shutoff valve is not required, CPC luer connectors are the preferred choice for high quality, precision-molded components and small flow applications.

    4 Steps in Selecting Fluid Connectors for Medical Applications

    1. Step 1: Determine safety and reliability needs of the patients and health care professionals who will be using the connectors
    2. Step 2: Define the functional needs of the application to determine the parameters for tubing and connectors
    3. Step 3: Consider enhanced connector functionality like multi-tube connections to bring increased ease-of-use and performance to the connection point
    4. Step 4: Match materials to the application to ensure media flowing through the connector is compatible

    For additional information on selecting connectors for medical applications, download 4 Steps in Selecting Medical Fluid Connectors 

    From the CPC Knowledge Center

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