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    Your Medical Tubing Line Up: Connectors and Quick Disconnect Couplings

    A wide variety of use cases within the medical industry requires a broad portfolio of products to support unique application needs. CPC’s purpose-built medical quick disconnect couplings and fittings are no exception since they’re critical in medical equipment, devices and instruments. CPC’s innovative design and quality manufacturing spans all our medical product lines.

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    Can’t Find Just the Right Medical Tubing Connector, Turn to CPC Custom Design

    CPC has partnered with medical tubing connector and quick disconnect coupling design engineers worldwide to develop fluid handling solutions to meet the needs of a tremendous variety of medical applications. Our problem-solving engineers leverage solid modeling capabilities, prototype equipment, an expansive lab and more to help design and create the perfect fluid handling solution for your needs.  

    Medical Tubing Connector Application Requirements

    Working with OEMs around the world, CPC understands the requirements needed to meet the challenges of fluid management for highly diverse medical applications. Whether an application calls for non-valved or non-spill, low flow or high flow, reusable or disposable, our broad range of standard – including a complete line of small-bore connections, fittings – and custom-engineered components can meet your specification.

    Sampling of CPC Medical Tubing Connector Benefits

    • Ergonomic designs for easy tubing connection and disconnection
    • Elimination of misconnections for optimal efficiency and safety
    • Engineered to prevent spills for protection from chemicals, fumes and other fluids
    • Significantly reduced inclusion for cleaner connections
    • Improved efficiency with connection cycles that are fast and easy, minimizing downtime
    • Exceptional reliability that provides secure connections even when connected for months or years at a time 

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