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    Medical Equipment: Surgical Tubing Fittings & Connectors

    There’s no room for error in the operating room. Highly reliable, easy-to-use, and error-proof connection points are critical to ensuring better patient outcomes. For that reason, patient safety in the operating room requires that equipment and tools used by surgeons and their teams are as safe and easy to use as possible ― with no chance of misconnection or dangerous spills.

    The Medical Future of Surgical Tubing Fittings & Connectors

    The surgical equipment industry is quickly growing thanks to the development of advanced, minimally invasive technology and equipment. Trends driving growth include: 

    • The growing geriatric population across the globe and need for minimally invasive procedures. According to the CDC statistics, around 60% of all surgical procedures were performed on people aged 45 years and above. 
    • Miniaturized and specialized surgery equipment and robotic and power-assisted systems are becoming more complex while ensuring better patient outcomes.
    • Handheld instruments and vision systems continue to improve — allowing increasingly complex surgeries to be done through less invasive procedures. 

    These trends require that surgical equipment is designed with fluid management components that maximize the safety of the patient. Tubing connectors used in surgical devices must be compatible with the physical, chemical and biological environment of the operating room.

    On top of these requirements, surgical tubing connectors, fittings, and couplings must prevent misconnections while being easy to use. CPC provides a wide variety of dental, medical and surgical tubing fitting solutions that help enable advancing designs ensuring they are easy to use and highly reliable.


    Flexible, Reliable Medical Surgical Tubing Fittings and Connectors

    Surgical equipment requires the connection and disconnection of different types of tubing and fittings necessary to move fluids during complex medical procedures. CPC’s medical expertise supports consistent development of innovative quick connection and disconnection technologies that are purpose-built for the rigors of operating rooms. Whether the application calls for non-valved or non-spill, low flow or high flow, reusable or disposable — our broad range of tubing connectors can meet a wide variety of surgical device specifications. CPC dental and medical tubing connectors help make connections that are cleaner, faster and — most importantly — safer.

    Benefits of Quick Disconnects with Integrated RFID Technology

    • Helps automate processes and workflows, making them faster and more efficient than manual processes
    • Eliminates misconnects and inaccuracies caused by human error by validating correct connections are made — helping prevent harm to patients
    • Authenticates and validates that single-use equipment has not been previously used, ensuring patient safety and protecting the consumable revenue stream

    Example of Surgical Equipment with RFID Technology

    Many eye-surgery devices have a saline line for eye irrigation and an airline that drives a pneumatic cutter during surgery that needs to be changed quickly and safely.

    A global leading device manufacturer chose CPC intelligent surgical tubing connectors integrated with RFID technology to prevent patient and equipment harm that could be caused by misconnecting the saline and air lines. Before a physical connection is made, the RFID reader reads the tag and tells the control unit what is being connected to each equipment port. If a misconnection is attempted, the control unit can display a warning, trigger an alarm or shut down the equipment until the error is corrected. The RFID technology also ensures that the single-use lines have never been used before, ensuring that they are sanitary and safe to use and protects the consumable revenue stream. 

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