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MicroCNX® Sterile Connectors

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A New Aseptic Media Transfer Category:

Building on the inventiveness of CPC, the leader in single-use connection technology, and its widely used AseptiQuik® Sterile Connectors, the MicroCNX Series line introduces a new category of aseptic micro-connectors that provide a simple, efficient method of connecting tubing for small format biomanufacturing assemblies. Process engineers and operators specify MicroCNX sterile micro-connectors as the modern alternative to the cumbersome, industrial process of tube welding.

Reliable Micro-Connectors Engineered for Biopharma Manufacturing

CPC MicroCNX Sterile Micro-connectors are engineered specifically for the challenging conditions of biologic media transfer in bioprocessing, cell therapy and gene therapy applications. The small-format MicroCNX Serile Connectors increase process design flexibility by integrating with different tubing sizes and materials. Their robust design, including innovative valves and genderless format, provides uncompromising reliability. Aseptic MicroCNX Connectors help biopharmaceutical companies be more efficient, reduce time, lower total costs and mitigate risk.

Small Package Delivers Big Benefits

With an intuitive, three-step Pinch-Click-Pull connection process, each MicroCNX Series small format connector is quick to implement and requires minimal training to use. It’s predictable, reliable performance reduces the risk of contamination, leaks and operator error while helping to eliminate health and safety concerns. Sterile MicroCNX Connectors, an easier alternative to tube welding, enable process automation and reduce total costs by eliminating the need to purchase, calibrate, validate, maintain and allocate cleanroom space for tube welding equipment.

  • Intuitive PINCH-CLICK-PULL connection process reduces risk of operator error
  • Easy to use lowers risk of operator error and related performance, reliability and safety concerns
  • Genderless format eases single-use systems specifications with one part number for both halves
  • CPC "click" provides an audible confirmation of assembly with no additional hardware required

Expertise and Experience Bring Peace of Mind

MicroCNX Connectors continue the CPC AseptiQuik Series tradition of delivering sterility assurance and process efficiency for biomanufacturers around the world. Reliable, single-use MicroCNX Sterile Connectors meet the biologic media transfer needs of small format assemblies across upstream and downstream applications.  

With over 40 years of experience in designing and engineering sterile connectors, our customers have the peace of mind knowing that CPC understands the challenges and the need for flexibility and speed to meet critical biologic production milestones. CPC’s quality management and quality control systems ensure the MicroCNX Connectors are built the right way, every time.  

Connect with Our Biopharma Experts

CPC application and design engineers are available to collaborate with customers to answer questions or help design biologic media transfer solutions based on the MicroCNX Series platform that are the best choice for size constraints, mounting scenarios or flow target requirements. Ask Our Engineers.

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