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    Food & Beverage Connectors

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    The food and beverage industry is diverse, large and includes processing, packaging and distribution. Continuously looking for new processes and equipment, food and beverage companies require the highest quality and safety equipment that eliminates the risk of contamination. With a reputation for quality, reliability and ease of use, CPC quick disconnects and connectors are the go-to solution for a wide variety of food and beverage fluid transfer applications. 

    Food and Beverage Applications Benefiting from CPC Fluid Handling Connection Technology

    • Beer, wine and liquor fermenting 
    • Dairy processing
    • Coffee brewing 
    • Fruit juice processing
    • Condiment dispensing 
    • Water filtration 
    • Non-dairy food processing 
    • Vegetable oil production
    • Office coffee service 
    • Bulk abrasive material for food industry
    • Spraying and conveying fertilizer and pesticide


    Eat and Drink Confidently with CPC Food and Beverage Connectors

    CPC manufactures thousands of connector solutions specifically for the food and beverage marketplace, whether it’s on a manufacturing floor or in a restaurant lobby. Wherever consumers rely on the quality of consumable products, trust CPC to deliver food and beverage handling connectors that are safe and dependable. 

    CPC Expertise Helps Give Consumers What They Want

    Food and beverage companies’ objectives are providing consumers what they want at the best possible price using highly efficient production techniques. CPC’s design engineers are intimately familiar with how food and beverage equipment and processes:

    • help reduce contamination
    • facilitate quick servicing
    • help keep consumers safe.

    Our team, including materials scientists, design engineers and applications engineers, exclusively focuses on fluid transfer connectors and couplings, resulting in a robust portfolio of quick disconnects expressly for food and beverage systems.

    Serving Consumers Safely with NSF/ANSI Standards

    Fluid transfer quick connects and disconnects from CPC, listed under NSF/ANSI Standard 169, are made from FDA-approved materials and available with certification. All of CPC NSF-listed products are engineered with built-in shutoff valves that automatically shut off the media when the coupling is disconnected.

    CPC–Your One Stop Source for Food and Beverage Connectors and Couplings

    CPC focuses on engineering high-quality quick disconnects and tubing connectors that easily and safely connect and disconnect beverage and food fluid lines from pressure, gases and other liquids without a spill. Ideal for common tubing systems, CPC couplings and connectors come in a variety of materials with options that are resistant to harsh cleaning processes used in the food and beverage industry. CPC connectors are suitable for delivering water, beverages, food, CO2, air, and dyes. Designed to meet the fluid handling requirements specific to food and industry applications and processes, CPC quick connects and disconnects protect employees and the environment from hazardous spills and help eliminate misconnections.

    6 Benefits of CPC Food and Beverage Couplings and Connectors

    • Built-in shutoff valves ensure safe, strong connections to prevent product spills 
    • Easy-to-use, push-button thumb latch for quick connecting and disconnecting
    • Audible CPC “click” confirms connection
    • Precise hose barbs for superior grip
    • Multiple disconnections to help expedite servicing
    • Optional RFID functionality for streamlining fluid handling processes

    Leak-Proof Connections for Dispensing Liquids from Flexible Packaging

    Safely dispensing liquid from bag-in-a-box relies on CPC’s fluid management connection technology to make a secure, leak-proof connection. CPC quick couplings and connectors dispense any liquid from flexible and rigid packaging. They are available in several different materials including acetal, polypropylene, chrome-plated brass, as well as polysulfone.

    Product Information on CPC NSF Products

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