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    Liquid Cooling Connectors: Blind Mates

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    Mountable Blind Mate Connectors for Server Rack Liquid Cooling

    CPC’s Everis® blind mate quick disconnect connectors (QDs) are engineered for liquid cooling systems that are part of a panel or manifold concentrated in a server rack of a data center or supercomputing. Panel-mounted blind mate connectors provide easy integration into systems with limited space. To help simplify system design and assembly, many CPC part numbers have optional corresponding panel mounting kits machined for ease of installation and alignment.

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    What Is a Blind Mate Connector?

    Blind mate quick disconnect connectors allow for simpler, more secure fluid connections in inaccessible or hard-to-reach places. Panel- or manifold-mounted Everis blind mate quick disconnects streamline use by enabling multiple connections simultaneously. To make mating even easier, these blind mate connectors have radial, axial and angular tolerances designed to ensure flow even under imperfect connection conditions. Blind mate couplings can be customized for applications needing a larger variety of sizes, configurations (including multithreaded terminations) or materials.

    Features Benefits
    Generous chamfer Along with guide pins or rack channels, the chamfer enables quick, easy and secure connection
    Patent-pending valve design with axial engagement tolerance Allows full flow even when not fully engaged
    Non-spill, dry break design Disconnect under pressure with no drips
    Redundant seals, absent of pressure when connected Extra protection from leaks
    Friction-free valve Provides security from leaks under extended periods of connection
    Robust construction Reliability
    Thermal Blind Mate Server Rack Divider

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