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    Liquid Cooling Connectors: Blind Mates

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    CPC Mountable Couplings for Server Rack Liquid Cooling

    CPC’s blind mate Everis quick disconnect couplings (QDs) are engineered for liquid cooling systems that are part of a panel or manifold concentrated in a server rack of a data center or supercomputing environment. Panel-mounted blind mate connectors provide easy integration in a liquid cooling system with limited space. The panel, where the fixed mounted QDs are affixed, requires that the couplings be aligned and "locked" into place for the connection to be complete and the coolant flow to begin.

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    If You’re in a Tight Spot

    Thermal engineers specify the CPC rack-mounted, sometimes referred to as panel-mounted, blind mate connectors for use in their inaccessible or hard to reach manifolds and panels. One of the reasons is CPC Everis blind mate connectors' ability for a whole series of blind mate QDs to be connected all at once―saving time and helping relieve stress on technicians’ and engineers’ hands. To meet your specific requirements, the Everis blind mate liquid cooling connectors come in a variety of sizes, configurations―including multithreaded terminations―and materials. Additionally, many part numbers have an optional corresponding panel mounting kit machined for a perfect match. These mounting kits help system manufacturers simplify the design and assembly process and gain confidence in knowing there are secure connections.

    Features Benefits
    Generous chamfer Along with guide pins or rack channels, the chamfer enables quick, easy and secure connection
    Patent-pending valve design with axial engagement tolerance Allows full flow even when not fully engaged
    Non-spill design Disconnect under pressure with no drips
    Redundant seals, absent of pressure when connected Extra protection from leaks
    Friction-free valve Provides security from leaks under extended periods of connection
    Robust construction Reliability
    Thermal Blind Mate Server Rack Divider

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