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    Additive Manufacturing Equipment and Connectors

    Additive manufacturing (AM) has made a marked change in the way products are being produced―Closely related to 3D printing, this technology has significantly reduced material waste, streamlined supply chains and empowered industries to produce intricate prototypes, parts and products with greater design freedom and efficiency.

    Common Additive Manufacturing of Applications

    • Preproduction visualization models
    • Complex end-use aerospace parts
    • Dental restorations
    • Medical implants
    • Automobile parts and systems
    • High performing oil and gas machinery components
    • On demand service parts
    • Fashion embellishments and jewelry
    Common Additive Manufacturing of Applications

    Connectors to Solve Additive Manufacturing Challenges

    Production material changeover in this industry can be quite an arduous process. Additive manufacturing managers and engineers designing new solutions are always seeking new equipment and other ways to make maintenance and serviceability faster and more efficient. CPC quick disconnect couplings make changing tube-sets quick and easy, helping reduce machine downtime when it’s needed most.

    Decades of Experience Working With Disruptive Technologies

    CPC has been delivering lightweight, non-spill, worry-free couplings for decades. Connecting with additive manufacturing equipment and production engineers, CPC fluid connection experts have gained experience and applied their knowledge to quick disconnect coupling innovation. Our team, including materials scientists, design engineers and applications engineers, focuses on providing a robust portfolio of CPC connectors and quick disconnects for a wide range of additive manufacturing applications.

    CPC Quick Disconnects Help Additive Manufacturing Get Products Made Easier

    • Instant connections to bulk packaging systems including bag-in-box (BIB), flexible and rigid packaging styles 
    • RFID-enabled to control, protect and streamlining fluid handling processes. 
    • RFID option identifies device type or connected media, verifies line connection accuracy or captures fluid and product data
    • Automatic flush face valves minimize costly or dangerous spillage. 
    • Ergonomic design and a large, shrouded thumb latch pad that’s easy to grip and simple to operate 
    • Universal connection to a 38mm fitment neck
    Mini Hybrid

    CPC Quick Disconnects — The Forefront of Innovation

    With a wide portfolio of connector options, CPC meets the requirements of a variety of use cases within various additive manufacturing environments. CPC offers the quick disconnect couplings options and intelligent, RFID-enabled couplings with features like non-spill shut-off valves, locking hose barb terminations and the ability to track proprietary and expensive additive layering materials. CPC quick disconnect design, robust testing and strict manufacturing practices assist in reaching 100% uptime, meeting performance and sustainability objectives for cutting edge additive manufacturing technology.

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