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Chemical Quick Connect Fittings & Couplings

Chemical Handling Cleaner, Faster, Safer and Smarter—One Connection at a Time

No matter the type of chemicals used, they need to be accessible, convenient and safe to use. CPC’s chemical-resistant couplings suit a wide variety of applications such as semiconductor, fabric and ceramic dyes, flavorings, LCD, solar, pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical management and more. Engineered to be rugged, CPC disconnect couplings and quick-connect fittings made from high-purity materials are used to transfer aggressive chemicals.

CPC chemical handling couplings instantly make connections to flexible and rigid bulk packaging systems. Simplify operation, minimize costly or dangerous spillage and even incorporate RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® coupling technology to control, protect and streamline valuable chemicals.

Feature of CPC Chemical Handling Couplings

  • Nonspill design for protection from chemicals and fumes 
  • Compatibility with a broad range of chemicals
  • Corrosion-resistant, all-plastic, metal-free construction
  • Fail-safe disconnect under pressure with no spills
  • Easy to reconnect under pressure
  • Ergonomic design with easy grip for one-hand connection and disconnection
  • Available with optional seal and spring materials including Viton® seals
  • Various tank mount options for design and process flexibility
  • Integral termination fittings for enhanced reliability
  • Optional RFID-enabled technology
Feature of CPC Chemical Handling Couplings

CPC Couplings Connect Chemicals and Caution

Safety is always a priority, no matter the conditions of the application. Valuable chemicals are used throughout manufacturing. Extreme care must be taken in order to boost profits while reducing losses and maximizing safety. If hazardous chemicals are mishandled, the harmful effects for humans and the environment could be potentially devastating. When it comes to chemical handling, no one strives harder than CPC to provide quick connect and disconnect fittings, closures and chemical dispensing systems that protect workers and the environment from hazardous leaks and spills.

CPC Connectors Keep Chemicals Contained for Safe and Reliable Manufacturing Environments

With manufacturers’ objectives of eliminating environmental contamination, CPC is thoroughly familiar with how low-pressure systems transfer and dispense chemicals and fluids. CPC’s team, including materials scientists, design engineers and applications engineers, exclusively focuses on fluid transfer couplings, resulting in a robust portfolio of quick connect fittings and dispensing adapters expressly for chemical handling applications. Combining decades of experience and a drive for innovation, CPC’s engineering and application experts collaborate with customers to understand the complexities of chemical handling to select the right CPC quick connect fittings and disconnects. 

CPC Meets RoHS Compliance Standard

RoHS compliance is designed to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals used in electronic manufacturing. It bans the hazardous substances used in electrical and electronic equipment in the EU market.

EU RoHS Declaration – CPC Bioprocessing Products (PDF)

EU RoHS Declaration – CPC FitQuik Products (PDF)

EU RoHS Declaration – CPC Standard Products (PDF)

See RoHS Regulation

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