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    Steam-Thru® Sterile Connectors

    All-in-One, Single-Use Sterile and SIP Connector Improves Process Productivity

    CPC’s exceptionally reliable Steam-Thru SIP Connectors (STC) are engineered to provide a quick and easy sterile connection between stainless steel process equipment and pre-sterilized bag systems or tube sets. Along with sterile connections and disconnections, the Steam-Thru II SIP Connectors provide additional sterility assurance with “Steam On” and “Steam Off” capabilities without the need for a laminar hood. Best of all, the single-use design of the Steam-Thru Connectors saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary cleaning procedures and reducing validation burden associated with reusable components.

    Steam-Thru Connectors Maximize Flexibility in Process Design and Plant Configuration

    Steam-Thru SIP Sterile Connectors include several valve and termination options that provide maximum flexibility when designing workflow processes and associated equipment. Matter of fact, with Steam-Thru Connector’s wide range of mounting and flow options, process and manufacturer engineers throughout the biopharma industry specify CPC Steam-Thru SIP Connectors whenever there is a need to transfer media between stainless-steel processing systems and single-use systems.

    Thoroughly Tested to Meet Steam-Thru SIP Connector Specifications

    • Bacterial challenge testing on the steam on and steam off cycles following media transfer
    • Bacterial ingress tests using Brevundimonas diminuta, conducted by Northview Labs, to verify post-sterilization seal performance
    • Helium/steam leak testing to assure design and process integrity
    • Tensile and maximum burst testing to ensure fit-for-purpose and manufactured to the highest quality
    • Biocompatibility testing on Steam-Thru II’s non-animal origin USP Class VI polysulfone and platinum-cured silicone seals

    Connect with Our Team of Experienced Biopharma Media Transfer Experts

    Collaborate with CPC’s biopharma engineers and application specialists to answer questions or help design Steam-Thru media transfer systems based on your size constraints, mounting scenarios or the flow targets of your upstream and downstream applications.

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