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    Connectors & Couplings for IVD Equipment Manufacturers

    In vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests detect disease, conditions and infections. As a major diagnosis tool, IVD has a critical impact on health systems and, more importantly, patient care. In vitro diagnostic tests are performed on a variety of instruments ranging from small, handheld tests to complex laboratory instruments. They’re critical to a patient’s health since they allow doctors to diagnose patients quickly and effectively and work to provide appropriate treatments.

    Saves Lives and Improve Productivity

    The in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market continues to grow at an almost breakneck pace. With laboratory demands for increasingly complex and efficient IVD equipment—from immunoassay, clinical chemistry, hematology, molecular diagnostics or infectious disease applications—OEMs and contract manufacturers share the goal to make their next-generation diagnostic instruments more productive, easy to use, and reliable. As reagents become more specialized and unique, OEMs are also looking for ways to validate and protect their revenue stream on proprietary consumables. On top of this, IVD equipment is being used closer to the point-of-care, often by under-trained operators, so new equipment designs need to build in ease-of-use, safety and error prevention. With decades of experience in designing fluid handling IVD connectors and couplings, CPC works with OEMs worldwide to meet their goals of safety, ease-of-use and brand protection.

    6 Tips for Designing World-Class IVD Fluid Handling Systems

    • Ensure material and media compatibility with harsh or caustic chemicals
    • Specify non-spill or “dry break” valved connection points to prevent exposure to hazardous materials
    • Track reagent batches at the point of use with RFID-enabled couplers
    • Easily connect multiple fluid lines at once with multi-tube couplers
    • Color code or physically key multiple fluid lines to prevent misconnections
    • Seek help from supplier experts like CPC

    For additional tips on the role of fluid connectors in designing for instrument productivity and reliability, see our white paper

    Make Timely and Proper Diagnosis

    At the center of demands for testing productivity and reliability are the fluid handling systems that facilitate diverse testing, buffering, washing and waste removal. Connectors are a critical component in fluid handling systems. Using the right connectors helps increase ease of use, minimizes operator error and maximizes in vitro diagnostic equipment up-time—all important factors in the drive toward high productivity and reliability.

    CPC Bridging the Lab and the Real World 

    When designing equipment for analytical testing in the lab, a main consideration is lab technicians don’t have the time or resources to deal with extra variables like fluid spills or safety concerns. Quite simply, IVD equipment designs must be easy to use—with a small footprint—that increase their throughput. That’s why IVD equipment manufacturers count on CPC to deliver quick connects and disconnects in a variety of materials to improve the safety and simplicity of handling reagents and buffer solutions

    Fluid Handling Products from CPC Improve Diagnosis

    Direct dialogue between design engineers and CPC’s team of fluid connection technology experts has led to a broad range of couplings and advanced connection technologies. CPC quick connects and disconnects make in vitro diagnostic equipment maintenance and service faster—helping lab technicians with the ease of use and speed they seek to ensure maximum up-time and throughput of complex machines. They also prevent misprocessing and allow fast, easy authentication of consumables through integrated technologies like RFID functionality. Take IVD equipment designs to new levels of performance and simplicity by using smart fluid handling solutions from CPC.  

    Advanced IVD Connections

    CPC offers advanced fluid handling connections that add ease, efficiency and safety. The result is an improved user experience.

    • CPC quick disconnect caps compatible with GL45 threads found on glass or plastic labware
    • Panel products added to standard bottle caps provide an easy way to safely exchange consumable products
    • Puncture seal closures used to dispense virtually any liquid from flexible packages including 38mm “bag-in-box” container systems 
    • RFID-enabled intelligent connection systems prevent misprocessing and ensure proper reagents are being used. CPC IdentiQuik® Series product line offers unique identification technology that enhances system solutions

    Check Out the Helpful Info from CPC Fluid Handling Experts

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