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Multiline Fluid Connector

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Easily connect two, six or even ten separate flow paths with one coupling using CPC multiline fluid connectors. These efficient solutions ensure correct line orientation and come with a variety of terminations, materials and latching options to maximize design flexibility. Multiline fluid connectors from CPC work in harmony to decrease the incidence of misconnections and tidy-up unsightly tangles of tubing.

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Features of CPC Multiline Fluid Connectors

  • Slide latch for simple and secure quick connects and disconnects for up to ten separate fluid and electrical lines
  • Single point for bundling lines in one place for a visually pleasing and space-saving solution
  • Available with valves on the body for in-panel mount or in-line configurations
  • Options for dual fluid lines to be connected simultaneously or independently
  • Tubing orientation is ensured by keying the coupling body and insert
  • Different fluids and tubing sizes can be accommodated with acetal or polypropylene options in various sizes
  • Optimal flow to size ratio for superior performance 

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