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    Couplings for Dental Products

    The dental industry, sometimes referred to as dental medicine, helps prevent and treat oral diseases and conditions by manufacturing various instruments, tools and equipment. As the population gets older, the dental industry has seen increased demand for oral maintenance and cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants. Additionally, there is heightened emphasis on providing cost effective and efficient services. To adapt to meeting cost targets and shifting patient needs, the dental industry is seeing rapid adoption of new technologies including more specialized and advanced tools like 3D printing and dental lasers.

    New Technologies Being Used by Dental Professionals

    3D Printing

    As 3D printing technologies are becoming mainstream, dental practices are using 3D printing to lower costs. 3D printing helps improve precision and efficiency for the dental industry. 

    Dental Products That Can Be 3D Printed

    • Dentures
    • Clear teeth aligners
    • Dental crown substructures
    • Dental models
    • Surgical guides

    Dental Lasers

    Laser technology is being used more and more by dental professionals across many dentistry applications. Matter of fact, laser devices are even replacing the traditional dental drill. Dental lasers can be used to repair fillings, remove cavities and accelerate whitening procedures. The dental laser market is expected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2024. 

    Benefits of Dental Lasers

    • Lessening pain
    • Speeding post-op healing
    • Reducing bleeding
    • Decreasing long-term bacteria

    Collaborating with CPC Leads to Improved Dental Device Design

    CPC engages with dental equipment manufacturers worldwide to understand the challenges and requirements of fluid handling for dental applications. Knowing that today’s dental technicians must quickly and easily change tools that provide treatment, CPC’s tubing quick connector and coupling products help ensure dental patients are treated as efficiently as possible. A robust portfolio of quick connectors and couplings is the result of years of CPC fluid connection technology innovation. CPC’s innovative approach is dedicated to improving the functionality, streamlining the design and enhancing the useability of a wide variety of devices to speed up the efficiency of treating patients.

    3 Considerations in Choosing the Right Connector

    • Define the functional needs of the application including tubing, termination type, flow requirements, size and mounting options
    • Match materials to the application; for example: metal, alloys, thermoplastics, fluoropolymers
    • Enhanced connection function such as RFID enabled, multifunction, medical grade

    Using CPC Fluid Quick Connectors in Dental Equipment

    Quick connectors and couplings from CPC are precision engineered to address the challenges of long-term use, flow reliability and ease of use faced by dental equipment manufacturers. From general-purpose quick connectors to highly specialized categories like sterile, multi-port and fluid cooling, CPC has a quick connector for a broad range of dental applications. CPC tubing connectors create cleaner, faster, safer and smarter device connections.

    CPC Quick Connectors Proven in Enhanced Dental Devices

    Working with new technologies like 3D printing  and laser technologies, CPC has experience in providing fluid management solutions that are both efficient and improve throughput to reduce overall costs. From cooling handhelds, umbilicals and other components of a laser device to safely and cleanly changing materials for 3D printing systems, CPC’s application-specific design, robust testing and strict manufacturing practices increase performance and improve overall quality.

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