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    Connectors for Cell Harvesting

    Cell harvesting is a critical link between upstream and downstream operations. The cell harvest application removes cells, cell waste and other soluble and insoluble impurities after cell culture expansion. Separating the cell culture from the growth medium is done by harvesting filtration or centrifugation techniques.

    Making the Right Choice

    Cell harvesting platforms work across a range of culture types (e.g., monoclonal antibody) and manufacturing sizes. Choosing the appropriate harvesting methods is essential since the results of cell harvesting affect the purification process. The harvest platform chosen must match the characteristics of the upstream cell culture process (adherent or suspension, high or low titer, etc.) and the product category (proteins, viruses, cells, etc.) while providing suitable media fluids for required purification operations.

    Single-Use Connector Technologies Help Cell Harvesting Meet Higher Cell Densities

    Continuous processing techniques are providing higher titers resulting in higher cell densities. Cell harvesting technologies must accommodate both the higher cell densities as well as the associated increase in cell debris and impurities. Adoption of single-use technologies for cell harvesting is a direct response to demand for higher cell density production efficiencies and closed continuous processing. The increasing necessity to harvest products from high cell-density cultures while maintaining or improving product yield has led companies to use single-use devices. Single-use systems―including smaller, disposable bioreactors, transfer lines and aseptic connectors―provide minimal risk of cross contamination of products, reduced process time, lower operation costs and increased productivity.

    CPC Expertise and Experience Aid Cell Harvesting Workflow Processes

    Because cell harvesting is a crucial step with significant impact on viable cell production, it becomes crucial to design downstream processes with cell harvesting operation being key in the design. Biomanufacturers worldwide trust CPC to understand upstream and downstream processes and the impact of media transfer for the various cell harvesting technologies available. The broad portfolio of innovative CPC aseptic connectors is engineered to provide the appropriate connector technologies to  help advance the cell harvesting workflow process for maximum productivity and efficiency.

    Cell Harvesting Methods

    1. Centrifugation - most common form of cell harvesting where media solution is spun continuously until substances separate with more dense particles moving to the outside while less dense particles float toward the center of the sample
    2. Depth Filtration - process that uses a cellulose-based filter media to suspend particles of different densities in different areas. Target cells are trapped in the filter media while the media liquid filters through. Preferred when working with smaller samples
    3. Microfiltration - smaller scale process that uses the same filtration tactics of pressure and suspension to separate particles where the mass of target celss is raised by removing unwanted substances
    4. Ultrafiltration - uses porse one-tenth the size of those used in microfiltration

    CPC Aseptic Connectors for Cell Harvesting Provide Competitive Advantage

    Versatile, single-use CPC aseptic connectors support the wide variety of cell harvesting platforms. They ensure closed connection and disconnection for transferring media and cells while managing cell waste and other impurities created during cell culture. With flexibility and robustness engineered into their design, CPC aseptic connectors are suited for bag and bottle assemblies in cell harvesting and scale up. By helping optimize cell harvesting workflows, CPC aseptic connectors provide a competitive advantage with increased efficiency and improved throughput while helping make quick changeovers due to changing feed stream properties.

    CPC Steam-Thru® Connections

    CPC Steam-Thru® Connections provide a quick and easy sterile connection between processing equipment and disposable bag and tub assemblies.

    • Offers a true steam-through SIP process removing dead legs
    • Saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary cleaning procedures
    • Reduces validation burden associated with reusable components
    • Provides visual indicator of process stage
    • Allows sterile connection and disconnection


    Versatility and Flexibility

    CPC aseptic connectors provide flexibility for biopharmaceutical manufacturers to easily combine multiple components including process containers, tubing manifolds, single-use and metal transfer lines, bioreactors and other bioprocess equipment. When changeovers need to occur, genderless CPC aseptic connectors make it easy to connect and disconnect components and processes. Multiple termination options meet today’s mounting and flow requirements.

    Innovative Design

    Our team of biopharma design and application engineers develop innovative, high-quality products that make sterile media transfer safe and easy. Cell harvesting platforms and processes differ widely and CPC’s comprehensive portfolio of aseptic connectors meet the need for a wide variety of sizes, configurations, termination options and materials. Innovative connection methods help eliminate contamination risk and ensure connection assurance.

    Trusted Reliability

    CPC sterile connectors are engineered for upstream and downstream applications including cell harvesting. By helping maintain aseptic transfer of media, CPC facilitate reaching the best cell yields at a cost-effective price. All CPC aseptic connection solutions are rigorously tested ─ including materials testing, product testing and torture testing to failure ─ to meet product specifications. As a matter of fact, CPC offers reliable, reproducible performance and provides validation and extractable reports that support the performance attributes.

    Overall Robustness

    CPC aseptic connectors deliver optimized flowrates with excellent flow to size ratio for superior performance to manage the media transfer required during cell harvesting. CPC purpose-built connectors are designed to be compatible with the wide variety of cell harvesting platforms and processes. We provide a unique combination of industry expertise with the broadest portfolio of products including sterile connects, sterile disconnects, SIP connections and quick connects.

    Sterility Assurance

    Increased cell densities and product diversity is driving manufacturers to design their facilities for shorter production runs with multiple changeovers. Single-use bags and transfer lines use CPC MPC or MPX Connections and SaniQuik Adaptors for quick changeovers. Robust and easy-to-use, single-use, aseptic connectors from CPC maintain flow path sterility and integrity while enabling biopharmaceutical manufacturers to use the necessary cell harvesting processes and platforms to improve cell yields and reduce costs.

    Assurance of Supply

    CPC has a proven track record of providing products consistently under their stated specifications and quality requirements through having a strong supply assurance program. The program includes control of the manufacturing process from raw materials to final product manufacturing. Biopharma customers have confidence in CPC’s ability to fulfill demand acquired by a track record of accurate lead times, identifying and communicating potential delays and, most importantly, by sound supply chain management.

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