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The 1/4" flow DTLD Series dual flow couplings provide a unique thumb latch with independent or simultaneous connections of loose tube sets. Made from ABS thermoplastic, the DTLD Series valved couplings ensures when connecting one insert, the second insert is prevented from disconnecting. One-hand operation makes the DTLD Series the choice for simple, independent connections of dual port connections. The DTLD Series is compatible with all PLC, PLC12 and LC Series Inserts.

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Single thumb latchMinimizes inadvertent latch activation
Latch always in position to accept insertEnsures leak-free operation
Compact, modular designFits well in the hand and is easy to wipe down
Independent quick connectionsRequires minimal manual dexterity

Specifications & CV Value

Operating Conditions (Fluid Transfer)

Pressure: Vacuum to 20 psi, 1.38 bar
Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 48°C)


Main components ABS
Thumb Latch and Retainer: Acetal
Internal insert valve: Polypropylene
Springs: 316 Stainless steel
O-rings: Buna-N
Compliance REACH und RoHS
Internal body valve: Acetal


Color: White with blue latch
Molded Black with gray latch
Tubing sizes: 1/4" to 3/8" ID, 6.4mm to 9.5mm ID

Cv Value

Kv ~ 9,13 max. (Cv ~ 0,63 max.)
Kv ~ 6,09 max. (Cv ~ 0,42 max.)
Cv values are based on gpm and psi, and Ipm and bar (shown in parentheses).
WARNING: Pressure, temperature, chemicals and operating environment can affect the performance of couplings. It is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of Colder products in their own application conditions. Use the graphs above as a guide.

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1/4" Dual Hose Barb, Valved, In-line Coupling Body


3/8" Dual Hose Barb, Valved, In-line Coupling Body


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