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    Custom Flow Connector Solutions

    As a manufacturer of custom, innovative fluid-handling products — flow connectors, quick connects and beyond — CPC understands that each project has its own unique timing, budget and challenges. Drawing upon our skills for innovation, we can find the right solution from existing products or engineer a CPC custom-made flow connector. Collaborating early in the design process empowers OEMs to find the perfect solution for their needs and a partner for the long haul. 

    When to Consider a Custom Project

    • A new design would add value to product making it safer, easier to use and more reliable
    • The specification cannot be met by an existing standard CPC product
    • The project has unique requirements such as budget or scheduling challenges

    Put CPC Expertise to Work for You

    CPC engineers, working closely with your team, help solve challenging fluid handling issues and get products to market faster. Partner with a company that has over 40 years’ experience working with thousands of fluid management scenarios — some undoubtedly like your own. Our highly knowledgeable experts can identify your leading problems and then create the right custom flow connector solutions to solve them.

    From Minor Modification to Full Customization Fluid Handling Projects

    Our Custom Engineering team supports a wide range of customer needs — from simple connector modifications to the manufacture of fully customized systems. We’re ready to meet your fluid handling project requirements. Talk to a CPC distributor or check out this video on the benefits of partnering with us for your custom solution.

    Improve Design Aesthetics with CPC Custom Flow Connectors and Couplings

    Aesthetics often play a key role in the acceptance of a product and give an overall perception of quality. Even the smallest components may have an effect on the aesthetics of your design. Turn to our team of engineering experts to help optimize your connection interface design to match the specific aesthetics of your products.

    CPC Custom Quick Connects Help Enhance Functionality

    Fluid transfer connection technology expertise adds value to your products by:

    • Making your equipment, devices or instruments easier to use
    • Delivering enhanced reliability
    • Increasing design modularity
    • Enhancing serviceability  
    • Providing an overall cleaner, faster, safer and smarter connection 

    If you can’t find the perfect solution from one of our thousands of standard products or you’d like to simply off-load the connector portion of your project to focus on your core technologies, CPC Custom Engineering provides the expertise and experience to assist you in finding the best options for your requirements.

    CPC Fluid and Electric Connectors

    Electronic Integration is Easier with CPC Integrated Fluid and Electric Connectors

    Equipment or devices with multiple connection interfaces are often confusing, time consuming, and can lead to potentially dangerous misconnections. Eliminate user confusion with one stress-free connection. Our team of engineering experts helps you optimize your primary user interface design with one integrated fluid and electrical connector specifically engineered to your performance requirements.

    If your design engineers need to specify, test and validate dozens of individual components to determine how to connect multiple lines to your devices, our custom-engineered connectors with electrical integration are the answer. Collaborating with our team to create a hybrid connector saves time and money with only one product to purchase and inventory — instead of a variety of individual components. 

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