How to Choose the Right Connector

A 3-step guide

Connectors for medical devices and equipment

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The tubing connector is a critical component in solving the fluid handling challenges of your product design. Often bumped to a last-minute design decision, the connector you choose can make a big difference in product reliability, performance and user acceptance.

It’s now a “must-have” requirement. Our white paper explains how to select products and technologies in your system design to make fluid handling easier for your users and avoid costly returns and lost customers.

Download our white paper and learn:

  • How defining the functional needs of the application, including flow requirements, tubing size, valve options, and more, determine the parameters for connectors
  • What fluid is being used in the application defines the connector and tubing material
  • How enhanced connector functions can facilitate and control the flow of fluid
  • And more
// WhitePaper How to choose the right connector for low pressure fluid handling How-to-Choose-the-Right-Connector

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