CPC New Building Plans

Construction continues apace on CPC's new headquarters and production facility. We plan to receive our occupancy certificates in mid-June.

The Governor of Minnesota declared construction an essential service and therefore there has been no stoppage at our site. The walls are up, floors are poured or carpeted, lighting is installed, paint is being applied, and landscaping is taking shape. Click here to view interior progress in a video originally made for employees.

CPC will move gradually over the summer months, transitioning the equipment and processes in essence one at a time. Office staff will move in June and July. We plan to have the move complete by end of summer. The transition of shipping is slated for mid-July; CPC will notify customers and shippers of the exact timeline in advance of the final changeover.

To prepare, the company has been carefully scheduling the transition steps. We also have produced and sourced buffer inventory of components and finished goods. In addition, we are bringing in engineers from our global teams to assist Westgate staff as they plan, test and validate processes over the course of this spring and summer.

If you have questions submit them here surveys@cpcworldwide.com.

https://content.cpcworldwide.com/Portals/0/Library/Campaigns/2020-New%20Building/CPC%20New%20Building%20Move%20Strategy%20and%20Plan%202020.pdf CPC New Building Move Strategy and Plan 2020.pdf
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